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Strona uległa całkowitej przebudowie. Mamy więc nowy przebudowany szablon graficzny ale nie tylko zmiany kosmetyczne nastąpiły. Zmianie uległa również struktura planów inwestycyjnych. Tę zmianę akurat można było przewidzieć przyglądając się nowej prezentacji pdf, którą opublikowano kilka tygodni wcześniej. Nowe plany to Crypto HBM oraz VIP HBM. W odróżnieniu od planu HBM FOR ALL wypłaty środków są częstsze niż 2x w miesiącu, odbywają się bowiem w każdy poniedziałek. 

Opis planów:

Crypto HBM - 6% tygodniowo

min. depozyt: $100

max. depozyt: $1,000

okres: 24 tygodnie

limit zakupu: 2 portfolia na miesiąc od jednego konta

Vip HBM - 6% przez pierwsze 24 tygodnie, potem 4%

min. depozyt: $15,000

max. depozyt: $55,000

okres: 48 tygodnie


Spring is a magical time of year when nature revives and awakens. Together with natural renewals, the desire and need for internal change is awakened. The main characteristic of HBM is the ability to masterly combine scale and accuracy with dynamics, speed and a thirst for innovation. In order to emphasize the advantages of cooperation with HBM, the Company presents a comprehensive program of innovations, which is designed to ensure the most effective continuity of HBM development and the achievement of an ideal level of the quality of the services provided. Towards the spring the site of the Company acquired a new look. Studying and analyzing the preferences of our clients, we try to offer more and more convenient and effective solutions and interfaces. The current redesign is the result of exactly such research and analysis. In addition, to implement our ambitions and plans, following the latest methods of business planning and marketing, HBM experts have developed a large update of the investment program, namely, two new investment plans: Crypto HBM and VIP HBM. Unlike the single investment plan, the withdrawal of funds under the new programs will be available more than twice a month - every Monday. Within the framework of innovations, an updated presentation of the Company was also developed, which is already available on our website.  Despite the beta testing - the extensive functionality of the site fully works under the close supervision of our specialists. In case of unlikely errors and inconvenience while working on the site, please inform us. Along with the intense offline activity of HBM, the spring innovation program is designed to ensure high efficiency and productivity of the solutions used by the Company and repeatedly exceed the expectations of customers and partners.

HBM Corporation

HBM Corporation

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