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  1. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #68 Wynik pierwszego tygodnia sierpnia: 1,4%. Wypłata punktualnie na koncie, jak zawsze ósmego dnia miesiąca - dowód tutaj. Najnowszy newsletter:
  2. Nazwa programu: YieldNodes Program ma ładnie zaprojektowaną stronę z obszernym FAQ - zapraszam tutaj. Minimum inwestycyjne: 500 EUR (depozyt zablokowany na 6 miesięcy) Plan inwestycyjny: 5-15% miesięcznie, możliwe stosowanie procentu składanego Akceptowane systemy płatności: BTC, Walleteze, Coinify, SAPPHIRE Vouchers Wypłaty (manualne/aut/instant): miesięczne manualne - wymagają zgłoszenia do 15. dnia miesiąca ze względu na konieczność upłynnienia masternod - wypłata 8. dnia następnego miesiąca; minimalna wypłata: 100 EUR Komentarz własny i szczegółowy opis programu: Projekt ruszył w 2018 roku, pod koniec października 2019 wszedł w fazę betatestów, by w ciągu następnych 14 miesięcy wypracować 147% zwrotu (132% rocznie) pomimo trudnej sytuacji związanej z koronawirusem. Projekt polega na uruchamianiu masternod i czerpaniu z nich pasywnych zysków. O tym, czym są masternody, można przeczytać tutaj. Link do wywiadu z prezesem. Link do opinii na Trustpilot. Wiele wskazuje na to, że to nie jest HYIP, jednak należy się liczyć z ewentualną utratą kapitału. REJESTRACJA
  3. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #67 Wynik na koniec lipca: 9,2%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  4. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #66 Wyniki lipcowego audytu: YieldNodes / Decenomy Participant Audit Date: July 19-21, 2022 Location: Malta - Decenomy Offices and Decenomy HUB We are happy to announce that the Funds Audit which took place in Malta has concluded with a very pleasing result! As of July 19, 2022, YieldNodes/Decenomy assets are currently over-collateralized by more than 30%. This means the value of coins held (all of the Decenomy coins plus BTC and exterior wallets) exceeded all liabilities (deposits and compounds) by more than 30%. In order to reach this conclusion, the auditors were given transparent access to every wallet in order to calculate the values held and compare against our obligations. First, we showed the members area with all deposits and compounds, and explained how the system is operated on a day-to-day basis. To prove that the data was live and actually on the server, we asked if any of the auditors would be willing to show their account live and confirm the numbers, to which Liam D. agreed. He confirmed the that deposits, withdrawals and other details of his account to be genuine. Afterwards, Urs (the Architect and leader of Decenomy) showed an Excel sheet that held every position and sum - directly linked to the wallets and exchange accounts. I suggested that positions be picked at random to verify the sums, but auditor James Pelton suggested viewing ALL positions. This extended the time required for the audit but, in retrospect, was a much better option as it left zero doubt regarding asset availability. Disclosure on Auditors: All 10 auditors are active, funded YieldNodes members who were required to cover their own travel expenses. The auditors received no payment or other incentive for their services beyond hotel accommodation and food. None of the auditors is an employee of YieldNodes or Decenomy. Connections between Auditors: With the exeption of James Pelton and Kris Mccauley (both active YouTubers), none of the auditors knew each other prior to arriving in Malta. James and Kris reconnected during the visit as they know each other, but did not know that they had both been invited. Due to cancellations by previous invitees, Poppy Todd and Matty Leidecker were randomly selected prior to the audit via transparent randomizing on YouTube. However, we were left with just 9 auditors due to a last-minute cancellation, so Liam D. suggested we invite Bo Schjønning-Larsen as he lives in Malta and is a YieldNodes Participant. This was agreed, and thus filled all 10 seats. YieldNodes/ Decenomy Hub welcomes the Audit A walk-through of the Decenomy HUB during a break in the audit: (filmed by Liam D.) Adrian Edward Steven My name is Adrian Edward Steven. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am married and my wife works for one of the large banks in South Africa. I am also a father of 2 daughters. I am a full time crypto currency enthusiast and have been so since 2013. I have been involved in quite a few crypto currency projects but none with the consistency and transparency of Yield Nodes. I have been an active member of Yield Nodes since September 2021. I was honoured to be invited to Yield Nodes and Decenomy Audit in Malta recently. We were treated extremely well by the entire team and made to feel extremely welcome. The transparency and professionalism of the audit was of a very very high standard. I am more than satisfied and feel privileged to be a member where my funds have been growing each and every single month consistently. I am excited about my future with yield nodes as an investor and will now be acquired some of their highly prized and acclaimed sapphire coin. Bo Schjønning-Larsen YouTube Channel: https://hitechinvestments.reviews/CryptoWebsite: https://hi-tech-investments.com/Best Regards,Bo Schjønning-Larsen Poppy Todd I have worked as a UK civil servant for nearly 10 years. My role covers data quality, risk management and internal investigations.I have a keen interest in all things Crypto and have held various cryptocurrencies since 2016. Fed up with my fiat savings depreciating in value, I decided to invest with the Yieldnodes programme to hopefully generate some regular, passive income.Having seen multiple crypto projects fail this year, I applied for the 2022 audit to better understand the longevity of this programme.The AuditI was a randomly selected investor who attended the July 2022 Yieldnodes audit.While auditors received an excellent level of hospitality from the welcoming team, this was by no means inappropriate and at no point did I feel the team attempted to influence my views.During the morning of the audit I was shown live data including the amount of investor accounts, the amount of total funds and evidence of these funds in numerous wallets.The afternoon of the audit was a Decenomy presentation where Steve, Urs and Dima talked us through the ongoing work with Sao Tome and Principe and other projects to ensure Decenomy coins have real world use.Not only during the audit, but throughout my stay, the Decenomy team talked about their work openly, with confidence and enthusiasm. We were free to ask the team questions throughout and the transparency, which I’ve always associated with this venture, was even more apparent here. Liam Dyson Leader of the YieldNodes Facebook Group (not affiliated)www.otiumpiercing.co.ukhttps://facebook.com/groups/ communitygroupyieldnodes/I am first and foremost a family man. Nothing to me is more important. For work, I run a professional Body Piercing Studio and specialise in fine body Jewellery from high end manufactures......Otium Body Piercing. I also run a photography business and web design business also.What I am not: A Yield Nodes Fan Boy, a paid member of staff, or anything else the wonderful world of internet forums would like to call me. I am a stand alone investor into this company, with a huge passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. James Pelton I loved meeting with the team in Malta this week. One thing I can say with extreme confidence is that the team does not have any malicious intent and is truly looking out for the investor's best interestsI can't give financial advice, but I feel that Yieldnodes is one of my best investmentsMy Youtube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/jamespeltonMy Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamespelton18 Joseph Giove Joseph Giove is a philanthropist and Business, Career, Public Speaking, Wellness, Financial Advisor, and Life Coach. Joseph has developed a unique approach to business, wellness, investor, and performance optimization. For over 30 years he has been helping people in all areas of business and personal wellness including career coaching, public speaking, and life coaching.https://blackbookcrypto.com Kris Mccauley Yieldnodes cooperated with all of the auditors and went above and beyond what any project in the crypto space has done. They not only answered all of our questions but sat down with anyone who wanted to ask questions afterwards. The team has decades of combined experience and I'm excited to see what this team can accomplish.https://youtube.com/c/KrisMcCauley Felix Schuldt Former Architect, who quit his day job for selling cat shirts via print on demand and made his name in the german speaking eCommerce community. He sold more than 1000 courses, and built several huge FB communities and SaaS's, such as flipstorm.com, threadbasket.com, merchninja.io, ninja-automation.de, the last ones he sold to an American company in 2021 for 1.8 million. Ever since he is focusing on new income streams and is moving from ecom to crypto. The newest saas he and his team is developing is Cryptaine an ICO comparison and rating tool + online academy for crypto.About the auditThe Audit took place in the Decenomy Malta Hub, Steve provided a general outlook and insight about the conditions of yield nodes, his daily routine, and the backend dashboard of the yieldnodes admin section. After that Urs led us through all the wallets existing and made sure to show us in detail every single penny they had shown us before in an excel sheet. So I can 100% confirm. The money of all the investors plus round about 30% on top, is there. (I can not assure where that money came from, if it's lent, borrowed, or whatsoever).The team was super open for questions and the auditors themselves were interesting guys and girls from all corners of the world (big investors, business partners or influencers) We were all sitting around a table for 1 whole day to discuss the future visions of the decenomy crew while those questions were answered and future visions were presented.To be honest, I came there very sceptical as a small yieldnodes and masternodes investor (very low 6 figures). But I‘m leaving Malta with a clear understanding of the overall and 100 times even bigger picture of the decenomy eco system - so I‘m very looking forward to this concept and how that‘s going! But even more - I would love to be a part of it!Cya Soon!https://facebook.com/groups/ addictedtocrypto Irfan Mohammed Equity derivatives trading Matti Leydecker _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We had fun - it was exciting to meet and greet in Malta, to take a trip through the old city of Valletta, and to hang out together! Disclaimer: We believe that what we have shown proves the concept worked well in the past but, as always, stay well diversified as a venture like YieldNodes/Decenomy carries a high degree of risk. Do not commit what you are not prepared to lose (we mean it!) We arranged this audit in the hope of providing transparency regarding what YieldNodes/Decenomy is (and isn't!), and are genuinely happy with the results. We promise to continue doing what we have always done, while being ethical and upfront about it. Q: Does this mean Yieldnodes is a 100% safe opportunity and I should invest what I can? A: Absolutely NOT! This Audit has been done to show that. WE PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH! Since the very start of YieldNodes in October 2019 we have generated an average of 10%+ monthly in value, and we wanted to give our members who stood with us some peace of mind. Talk is cheap, so we wanted to put the money where our mouth is. YieldNodes is going strong but it is still NOT regulated or supervised by any financial entity yet STILL a VERY RISKY participation model, and things can always go sour NOT trading Cryptos and NOT a Bitcoin pegged investment By NO MEANS a bank account or retirement fund! So, use the information we have provided to do your own risk assessment, and understand that funds are always at risk of being lost so there are absolutely NO guarantees. We do what we do with honesty and integrity, but it is as much a wild ride for us as it is for you, so read and absorb what you can and always ensure you can live with the decisions you make. That being said, we are grateful for your participation and humbled by your trust - we are ready and hungry to prove ourselves to you and the world …and to build out the decentralized economy that is the long term vision: DECENOMY Sincerely, Urs & Steve Yieldnodes Partners.
  5. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #65 Wynik trzeciego tygodnia lipca: 1,5%.
  6. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #64 Wynik drugiego tygodnia lipca: 1%.
  7. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #63 Wypłata punktualnie na koncie - dowód tutaj. Wynik pierwszego tygodnia lipca: 1,3%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  8. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #62 Wynik na koniec czerwca: 6,1%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  9. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #61 Wynik trzeciego tygodnia czerwca: 1,4%.
  10. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #60 Wynik drugiego tygodnia czerwca: 0,8%.
  11. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #59 Wypłata punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj. Wynik pierwszego tygodnia czerwca: 1,3%. Nowy newsletter:
  12. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #58 W najnowszym newsletterze Steve, szef YieldNodes, przeprowadził losowanie osób do roli "audytorów" projektu:
  13. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #57 Wynik na koniec maja: 6,5%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  14. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #56 Wynik trzeciego tygodnia maja: 1,2%.
  15. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #55 W najnowszym newsletterze YieldNodes konkurs na audytorów programu:
  16. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #54 Wynik drugiego tygodnia maja: 1,2%.
  17. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #53 Wypłata punktualnie na koncie - dowód tutaj. Wynik pierwszego tygodnia maja: 1,3%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  18. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #52 Wynik na koniec kwietnia: 8,3%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  19. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #51 Wynik trzeciego tygodnia kwietnia: 2%.
  20. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #50 Wynik drugiego tygodnia kwietnia: 1,7%.
  21. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #49 Wypłata jak zawsze punktualnie - dowód tutaj. Wynik pierwszego tygodnia kwietnia: 1,9%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  22. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #48 Wynik na koniec marca: 7,4%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  23. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #47 Wynik trzeciego tygodnia marca: 1,6%. Najnowszy newsletter:
  24. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #46 Wynik drugiego tygodnia marca: 2%.
  25. YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

    Update #45 Wynik pierwszego tygodnia marca: 1,8%. Wypłata punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj. Najnowszy newsletter: