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3 maj 2012 - Money-Monitor Newsletter

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Dzisiejszy newsletter zawiera recenzje programu JustBeenPaid oraz opis programu SafeRisk, ktory zostal dodany ostatnio do monitora. Poniewaz recenzja JBP jest bardzo obszerna, pozwolcie, ze przejde od razu do tematu.


SafeRisk (Czy ryzyko moze byc bezpieczne? :) ) jest swiezutkim programem, ktory twierdzi, iz tworzy swoje dochody z surebetow oraz skalpingu zakładów. Surebety, to inaczej sytuacje arbitrazowe, ktore pozwalaja na generowanie dochodow umieszczając zakład na jednym wydarzeniu u różnych bukmacherów. Teoretycznie surebety sa wolne od ryzyka, ale praktycznie ryzyko jest i tu zawarte. Skalping oznacza, ze mozesz kupowac i sprzedawac zaklady za pomoca gield zakladow.


Jest tutaj jeden dostepny plan, ktory pozwala zarabiac 2.5% dziennie przez 60 dni. Depozyt jest zwracany po wygasnieciu planu, a wiec czysty zysk to 150%. Min. inwestycji to $10 a max. $25k.


SafeRisk akceptuje 4 systemy platnosci: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay i Alert Pay.


Program oferuje rowniez system polecajacy tym, ktorzy sa zainteresowani promowaniem strony innym. Mozesz zarobic 6% z pierwszego poziomu poleconych.


Minimum do wyplaty to $1 i wszystkie wyplaty sa realizowane manualnie (do 24h).








Link bezposredni: http://justbeenpaid.money-monitor.com/view?full=1



Hola mis amigos!



Imagine that you are confined to an island. It doesn't have to be some elaborate fantasy, just put yourself on an island. And now add three things to the scenario: a wallet, a Dr. Phil impersonator and R.W. Emerson's essays.


How does it feel? Does it feel right? If it gives you the creeps, remove yourself from this very page immediately. Otherwise, keep on reading.


If you are interested in making money online at all, you must have heard about JustBeenPaid by now. If you are interested in making money online and you haven't heard about JustBeenPaid, keep on imagining islands and that would probably be it for you, you dreamer. It's like loving Shakespeare and not knowing who Juliet was. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit. Not knowing who, let's say, Puck was. I might be just a bit irritated today, because it just so happens that I truly wish I was on an island and instead I'm... What's the word? Not.


In case you're the dreaming type, here's what you need to know about JustBeenPaid. First of all, it was created by Frederick Mann (interviewed here), who managed to become some kind of an Internet legend, claiming to earn an online only income since 1997. He has been involved in numerous projects aimed at making money online as the Owner, Developer and Admin of the Just Been Paid (JBP) System which includes JSS-Tripler, JBP’s Synergy Surf (JSS), JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp; he's also the owner of BigBooster7Million, MegaBooster, and MonsterPreLaunch. He used to be a professional gambler, but I guess he was not an extra on Ocean's Eleven, Twelve or Thirteen, so don't get too excited. The problem is, however, that when it comes to Mann it's really hard to decipher the legend from the real person. All the interviews and information available online, paint a picture of an anti-establishment hero and a clever businessman at once.


Frederick Mann seems to manage a huge company but, at the same time, it all seems really vague, and his body of work, which includes two books The Economic Rape of America and Wake Up America! The Dynamics of Human Power, makes it even harder to see him as an online money maker only. To add to this, we read that he "has a background as a computer programmer and a systems analyst" (http://bigbooster.com/business_opportunities/business_plans.html), but his own website is constructed rather poorly and even its HTML code leaves a lot to be desired (with "30 Errors, 33 warnings" according to http://validator.w3.org). I especially enjoy the fact that the layout of the page is sometimes set by using the spacebar key (non-breaking spaces) instead of simply setting the margins. True story, amigos. So, what it comes down to is that it's one of those personas that you just have to decide on your own whether to believe it or not. Or, alternatively, you may simply don't care about the man behind the curtains and just want to buy or sell the curtains for a good amount of money. Your choice.




Secondly, there is the program (don't worry, I promise not to mention Keanu Reeves this time. Or ever again), or actually, the programs: JSS-Tripler (the most important and the most popular one), JSS Synergy Surf, JSS Booster and JSS Warp. I know, I know, it does sound like diet plan options with different shakes, cocktails and pills that are supposed to help you lose weight, but believe me, it's not a diet plan, you body-obsessed maniacs. For now let's not worry about JSS Booster and JSS Warp since you need an upgrade to use them. Let's focus on the basics, namely a traffic exchange program, JSS-Tripler with its 2% daily profit which you can gain by buying $10 worth positions that lose their "eligibility" once they "earn" us $15, that is after 75 days. Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that it's all about the matrix (again, forget about Neo and focus on the money, amigos), so be sure to refresh your knowledge of math and stuff like that.


Now, back to the JSS-Tripler - I have to make a formal note. The above mentioned conditions are, in fact, no longer applicable. Because JustBeenPaid was getting less money during the weekends than on working days, they changed the system and now you can earn 2% Mon-Fri and 1.5% on weekends. The main thing is that you won't earn less, but it will just take you longer to get the same amount of money: 81 instead of 75 days. Naturally, you can withdraw your earned money any time you want, provided you have at least $20. You can also reinvest your earnings or, as some call it, compound them manually. After the "expiration date", every 4 positions are transformed into 1 position in the JSS matrix and, as such, start again. Once this matrix is filled, and you have upgraded your account (which costs $15 for a three-month period), you get an extra $60. How to strategize, you ask me? There are basically two ways to do it and they both sound somewhat provocatively: you can be passive about it or use the 50 positions strategy.


If you enjoy the, shall we say, passive ways, you may invest some money (minimum $30) and withdraw them, first as soon as you earn $20, and then when the mandatory 75 days-period passes. If you like different positions (clean up your dirty minds, amigos!), one way to get what you want (I implore you, amigos, stop that dirty thoughts!) is to invest at least $500, so that you'll get 50 active positions from the very start. Once you have the earnings you desire, you do the following: buy one position and withdraw the money only when the excess balance is more than $20. As you can calculate for yourself, you should get all your money back after 75 days. For more, just take a look below:


Day 1: $500 = $10 per day = excess balance


Day 2: $510 = $10.20 per day = $0.20


Day 3: $520 = $10.40 per day = $0.60


Day 4: $530 = $10.60 per day = $1.20


Day 5: $540 = $10.80 per day = $2


Day 6: $550 = $11.00 per day = $3


Day 7: $560 = $11.20 per day = $4.20


Day 8: $570 = $11.40 per day = $5.60


Day 9: $580 = $11.60 per day = $7.20


Day 10: $590 = $11.80 per day = $9 ==================================


Day 11: $600 = $12.00 per day = $11


Day 12: $610 = $12.20 per day = $13.20


Day 13: $620 = $12.40 per day = $15.60


Day 14: $630 = $12.60 per day = $18.20


Day 15: $640 = $12.80 per day = $21 - cashout $20


Day 16: $650 = $13.00 per day = $4


Day 17: $660 = $13.20 per day = $7.20


Day 18: $670 = $13.40 per day = $10.60


Day 19: $680 = $13.60 per day = $14.20


Day 20: $690 = $13.80 per day = $18 ==================================


Day 21: $700 = $14.00 per day = $22 - cashout $20


Day 22: $710 = $14.20 per day = $6.20


Day 23: $720 = $14.40 per day = $10.60


Day 24: $730 = $14.60 per day = $15.20


Day 25: $740 = $14.80 per day = $20.00 - cashout $20


Day 26: $750 = $15.00 per day = $5


Day 27: $760 = $15.20 per day = $10.20


Day 28: $770 = $15.40 per day = $15.60


Day 29: $780 = $15.60 per day = $21.20 - cashout $20


Day 30: $790 = $15.80 per day = $7 ==================================


Day 31: $800 = $16.00 per day = $13


Day 32: $810 = $16.20 per day = $19.20


Day 33: $820 = $16.40 per day = $25.60 - cashout $20


Day 33: $830 = $16.60 per day = $12.20


Day 34: $840 = $16.80 per day = $19


Day 35: $850 = $17.00 per day = $26 - cashout $20


Day 36: $860 = $17.20 per day = $13.20


Day 37: $870 = $17.40 per day = $20.60 - cashout $20


Day 38: $880 = $17.60 per day = $8.20


Day 39: $890 = $17.80 per day = $16


Day 40: $900 = $18.00 per day = $24.00 - cashout $20 ==================================


Day 41: $910 = $18.20 per day = $12.20


Day 42: $920 = $18.40 per day = $20.60 - cashout $20


Day 43: $930 = $18.60 per day = $9.20


Day 44: $940 = $18.80 per day = $18


Day 45: $950 = $19.00 per day = $27 - cashout $20


Day 46: $960 = $19.20 per day = $16.20


Day 47: $970 = $19.40 per day = $25.60 - cashout $20


Day 48: $980 = $19.60 per day = $15.20


Day 49: $990 = $19.80 per day = $25 - cashout $20


Day 50: $1000 = $20.00 per day = $25 - cashout $25 ==================================


Total after 50 days = $265


This is the most popular way to make money with JSS-Tripler. If you hate being one of the many, naturally there are other strategies. You can use some "hybrid" methods or simply use your own head and invent one that works just for you. What you should remember, though, is that the best moment to start is right after the restart of the system. But I'll get back to that one, so no worries.


        Once you upgraded your account, you can also participate in JSS Synergy Surf, JSS Booster and JSS Warp. They work in a similar way, but the matrix itself is quite different. Also, they are subject to specific time limits. Firstly, there are three ways to get a JSS Synergy Surf matrix (do not mistake it with Smurfs, which, for some reason, I do all the time): spend $20 and buy it, get an "old" matrix from JSS Booster, or get it once your four JSS-Tripler positions "expire." 




The matrix has 6 spots to fill (two on the first level and four on the second) and you get $60 once they are filled, which happens gradually and this process may last from one to a couple of weeks. You have influence on the first-level spots, which means that you can buy so-called placements ($5 each, and $2.50 when upgraded to "expedited" or $5 to "premium" version), so that the matrix is filled rather sooner than later. In order to get a JSS Booster matrix you need some lucky timing. What I mean by that is that Booster is available only once a week and it has some different phases. The money you need is the same ($20), but you may get a triple or sixfold (ha! I just keep on raising the bar here, don't I?) profit. Even if you don't earn the money from the very beginning, you still get one free JSS matrix that is bound to bring you some money at some point. When it comes to they geeky-sounding JSS Warp (Star Trek, anyone?), you don't need no luck with the time as such. What you need is $40 and the knowledge of a precise point of the purchase: Cut-Off Point (COP) or Reserve-Queue Point (RQP). If the Warp position does not finish the whole cycle, it becomes a Booster matrix and if you still don't get lucky, you'll simply end up with a new JSS matrix. So, mis amigos, worst comes to worst you'll still have the JSS option to test your luck once again.


Now, enough with all the knowledge, let's get down to the business. How does justbeenpaid.com work? To start with, I must say: not that great. In order to find a simple "log in" section you need to really pay attention. It's hidden somewhere in between the self-help motivational mottos, somewhat repetitive testimonials and some really aesthetically disturbing images. Let's be honest, amigos, justbeenpaid.com is not pretty. It's just like one of those people that you know and are actually kind of fond of, but when somebody asks you about them you're like "you know, s/he is a really interesting person. A pleasant person. And that's what matters, right?" And then everybody knows that he or she is just plain ugly.


But back to logging in. To avoid any problems, click "find" or control+F, or command+F, or whatever you use, and enter the word "join" and you'll get there. All you need to do now is just give them your name, surname, e-mail address, as well as the name of your "sponsor." No, it's not an AA thing, I promise. In fact, you can write whatever you want, just for fun, and see who ends up sponsoring you. The tricky thing is that most e-mail accounts block the registration e-mail, so just check your Spam folder again and again (at least that's what I did), then one click and bam! You're a member. Be sure to write down your member ID since it's all numbers, thus it's easy to forget. I must say, I really enjoyed their message on the password:


"choose a good one, because you could have a lot of money in this system."


I hope I will have a lot of money, my friends!


If you thought that was difficult, just wait for the deposit part of this adventure. Once you're logged in (if you can't find this section, just go to http://justbeenpaid.com/login.php), click on JSS-Tripler on your left and then "Click Here to Go Directly to the Five JSS Programs". Next step is clicking on "Fund JSS Account", then entering the amount you'd like to deposit, then choosing one of the payment processors available (AlertPay, SolidTrust Pay, Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money) or your credit card number and making a deposit. The money should appear on your main JBP account within seconds, which is a good thing considering the time and effort you have to put into making the deposit. But, it's not the end, mis amigos. Once you have the money on your main account you need to transfer them to your JSS-Tripler account. Go to JSS-Tripler, click on "Financial" and then "Found JSS-Tripler Account", enter the same amount you did earlier and voila! You can buy all the positions you want. Beware that there are the following fees when it comes to withdrawing your money: AlertPay, Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve 8%, SolidTrust Pay 4%.


The last thing I want you to remember is the importance of the restarts. They happen when the program is no longer able to realize all the payouts. Thanks to that the system "keeps on keeping on," to paraphrase the great Allman Brothers. The logic behind the restarts is that a part of our active positions in the Tripler is transfered into a matrix in the main JSS program, so that the structure of the program changes, but you still get to keep on earning the money. The bad news is that you can never predict how many of your positions are subject to a restart. You don't know the exact ratio of the transformation into JSS positions and you don't know when the restart will occur. Life keeps on surprising you, doesn't it, mis amigos? If you are sick of the complications you can always use the referral system available on justbeenpaid.com. It's as straightforward as any other such program, with 2-level referrals and 10% or 5% profit. Another straightforward thing: once you become a new member you get a $10 loan to learn how to invest in JBP programs. However, the catch is that you can only use it to buy JSS-Tripler positions, so in fact every member simply gets one position for free. What's more, after 60 days they will take said 10 bucks from the money you managed to earn. Still, you get to learn a lot about the workings of the program, and all the conferences and seminars that are available every single day, without having to put out your own hard-earned money. To add to this, at least at first you won't have to worry about the way the website is protected since you won't be using your actual money. Despite the fact that they say that they "pay special attention to security" (http://justbeenpaid.com/login.php), I couldn't find any evidence to support their claim...


Now, remember the island I put you on at the very beginning? Do you know why I gave you a wallet, a Dr. Phil and some Emerson's essays? If you don't, you really need to "click through" the justbeenpaid.com site once again. If you do, you are now fully equipped to make your own decision about JBP system. And what will you decide, amigo?




Yours truly,


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