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YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

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Update #22

Wyniki drugiego i trzeciego tygodnia sierpnia: 2,3% i 2,1%.

Wynik na koniec sierpnia: 10,6%.

Oto najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Profit Report August: 10.6% + News and a Scolding

Dear YieldNoders,

As it's the 1st of the month, we have the latest Profit Report, and we're very happy to report double digits for August: 10.6%

It was a good month, and cryptocurrency is performing well, so we're glad to be able to share the good news as well as the loot :)

On a less happy note, we suffered a cyber attack this morning, so some users got several SMS requests as the hackers tried to brute-force their way into client accounts.

The attacks have been mitigated and nothing (information or otherwise) was stolen, but we urge people to always set up the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) inside their accounts -

Preferably using Google Authenticator as that's a better choice over SMS due to SMS being quite unreliable depending on your country and location. (Also make sure if you access YieldNodes via PC to setup the 2fa Google authenticator on a cellphone so its best protected on 2 sources!)

Another thing we're not very happy with is people representing YieldNodes as something it isn't i.e. a safe and 100%-guaranteed investment!

For your information, we are adding a "Risk assessment" section in the YieldNodes menu at the top of the Risk Disclaimer you signed.

You can read it here (will be added in the future):


As always, and probably our mantra: We're honest in what we do and try to achieve, but YieldNodes has to be qualified as a high-risk venture, so please don't misrepresent it! Brand Reputation is very vital and everyone can help keep it that way.

We also heard that some "black sheep" are putting other programs in a bad light or start comparison discussions - bad-mouthing other programs in favour of YieldNodes. This is not doing anyone a favour at all, and only spells trouble. We don't know about other programs as we only focus on our own. Ultimately, there's no need for that sort of behaviour, so if we identify provable cases then we'll be forced to terminate offending accounts and blacklist the users, so please remain ethical.

We understand that you're passionate about YieldNodes (we are too!) but please stay civil :)

Onto better things..

Now, after all the scolding, we're growing nicely in general terms - the projects are taking shape, and everything is running according to plan :)

New Feature: Create PDF Statements!

Much requested finally here. Under the Reports Tab at the bottom you can generate PDF Reports on Profits and Servers.. that should help build a Papertrail and declare assets!

I believe that Jordan Peterson said, "The best way to win is to help others win." ...and this is exactly what we intend to do.

Expect Sapphire pay-outs on the 4th, and BTC as always on the 8th!

One other thing - please have patience with Elena and myself on the e-mail front... you guys certainly like to keep us busy :)

The only other thing to mention is that Walleteze has agreed to waive their fees for one more month and, as they're our preferred exchange partner (especially for larger sums), we hope you don't miss the boat :)

While we're on the subject of account funding, we'd like to highlight that Walleteze DOES NOT have the ability (for reasons of security) to take funds from your bank account! So, if you're purchasing BTC via their ACH or SWIFT options then you must send a bank wire (a domestic bank wire for ACH, international bank wire for SWIFT).

Best wishes from all of us here as always and as usual you hear from us again when profit payouts have been completed :)

Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima
PS: "Imagine Shameless Plug asking for a Review on Trustpilot here :)


Co prawda w tekście newslettera jest odnośnik, ale myślę, że warto wkleić tutaj ten tekst w całości, gdyż wyjaśnia on wiele kwestii i odpowiada na istotne pytania, jakie mogą mieć potencjalni zainteresowani:


YieldNodes: An Assessment of Risk

As we get a lot of enquiries, we wanted to provide further clarity regarding what YieldNodes is (and what it isn't), and how risky the participation is, but please realise that this assessment is somewhat biased so research and do your own due diligence before deciding to participate.

Note: this is *not* a financial advice - we are not financial advisors, we are simply providing some insight into our operation and thought processes to help you make a more informed decision.

YieldNodes definitely has to be classified as a high-risk participation model.

It has evolved from its beginnings as a pure masternoding project to a masternoding / staking hybrid that grew through the aquisition of coins / partnerships and became more akin to a start-up in the process - generating additional revenue from a lot of sub-projects and use cases that are being developed as we speak.

Everything generated is thrown into the pot, and disbursed every month on the basis of 85% for participants and 15% for Yieldnodes.

This is carefully assessed as coins fluctuate in value to some extreme degree... sometime upwards by 40%, only to crash 50% in small volatile projects. So, when we do the assessment, we take into account profits from projects, fees / gains from exchanges, voucher sales, ad revenue, and many other streams as we grow and enter different markets - hopefully getting things right (or as right as humanly possible). This doesn't mean that "playing it safe" at times means "lost" profits for members.

Remember the Pot Scenario. We only profit 15% of what leaves the system... so it would be better for us to pay out as much as we can and fill our pockets. However, paying out a smaller amount is safer as it strenghtens the project... and getting that part right is the art :)

If we're in a good position funds-wise, there can be also some out-of-the-ordinary months (we had a 19.2% month recently), so it will all eventually come back to our participants who remain our highest priority.

As much as you are lead to believe, through marketing or hype, MONEY IS NOT GENERATED OUT OF THIN AIR.

If something goes, something else has to give.

We're in a unique position right now - a seismic shift of value from the FIAT System into cryptocurrencies is occurring and, while this continues, you can make previously unimaginable gains. As capital flows and ecosystems emerge from the outdated, shady, and inherently corrupt FIAT monetary system into accountable, transparent and visible blockchain technology, early adopters can profit handsomely from this shift as huge amounts are being moved at this stage of the evolution.

But... it's still a highly-experimental and risky adventure, and we know of no-one else who has attempted a similar project of such huge scale.

Profits are currently large, but will eventually shrink (they have to) as systems get adopted and made sustainable with use cases that turn regular profits from sales / memberships fees, usage, etc. - it's like being in front of a tidal wave... more waves will follow, but of lower magnitude.

We saw that agressive acquisition was the way to move forward as, right now, the high returns that some find unbelievable for a legitimate program go hand in hand with growth (I have to thank Urs for this - his foreseight into aquisition and expansion have made YieldNodes possible).

He is not only a great Tech Leader, but also constructed the vision of YieldNodes / Decenomy - putting key players into place as we speak to ensure the sustainable growth and the transformations that need to take place to keep us moving in the right direction.

YieldNodes is NOT MLM or multi-level marketing... the affiliate program offers 5% of deposits as an incentive to grow our reach, but we are NOT dependant on new members and distance ourselves from such unsustainable practices.

YieldNodes is very dependant on the Cryptomarket, and correlates with Bitcoin strongly. We manage to survive bear markets by carefully planning ahead and holding reserves, as well as working overtime to strenghten our projects in crisis times to have them soar during bullish times.

Questions often Asked:

Is there an offficial YieldNodes Forum / Discussion Group?

Not officially, but groups do have formed. We give members free reign if they want to communicate, but we do not plan to open a forum because we do not need excessive growth or hype. Forums often morph into breeding grounds for either hype or hate and suspicion. They're also time-consuming, and need constant managing / monitoring, so we prefer to focus on the task at hand - producing the returns.

Will these returns keep going?

The returns will have to scale back at some point, but it's impossible to estimate when that might be. The main priority is security of funds and sustainability. After all, when you withdraw funds, you want to have confidence that the numbers are there. So, growth will slow down as more ecosystems get adopted. This might take years or months, but we'll always strive to make sure it's sustainable and fact-based.

Are you regulated / audited?

We aren't, but we explore regulation / licensing as YieldNodes is hard to categorize. Some transformations will eventually take place, but the goal is to be regulated.

Why are you not hiring an independent auditor?

We enquired, but since we work blockchain only, there is not much choice. YieldNodes doesn't hold company bank accounts as we only work in the new economy, and auditors shy away from what they don't understand. We did a members-based audit as this is ultimately whom we feel we should appease (members, not prospects) in February 2021, and we plan to have one more in October 2021 to show the feasibility and generation of returns reflected in account balances. By choosing a diverse range of memebrs who are not affiliated with each other, we feel it makes for quite a good representation of our client-base.

While this might appear biased versus hiring an outside party, YieldNodes is not a multi-level referral program, so there is little incentive for members to misrepresent or misread the program.

I did a compounding calculation and my 10k will be 1 million in 5 years. Will I be rich?

As mentioned, the returns will eventually reduce so, while you cannot exclude the possibility, it's highly probable that you won't see what that fancy compound calculator spits out. However, we pledge to do our very best, but clearly cannot promise or guarantee any scenarios to materialise. Situations shift a lot and, as mentioned countless times before, we're very experimental in what we do, and there is no blueprint to follow that guarantees success, so do NOT participate with funds you cannot afford to lose!

I'm in doubt - what should I do?

If you're in doubt as to whether you should join, don't do it. Ultimately, you need to be able to sleep at night and not be constantly worried about your participation. Alternatively, you can plant a seed - if 500 Euros is not going to break your bank then try for a while and see how it grows. That way, you participate and don't miss out, but if things go awry, the pain won't be so bad.

What is your personal stake in YieldNodes? Are you "all in"?

This is a very personal question, but for the sake of transparency I will gladly answer. As the person occupying the CEO position in YieldNodes, I have more insight (obviously), but I'm also "only" invested roughly 25% with my personal liquid funds as I also like to hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and other promising coins.

You are a scam! I saw some articles that reviewed you!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you believe such articles then it's your right to do so. However, if you read negative articles about YieldNodes, the chances are that you'll find a different program being reccommended by the authors ...and a referral link pointing to it. The idea behind this technique is to grab people looking for YieldNodes reviews and "redirect" them to actual scams or ponzi schemes that promise very big returns to the affiliates (reviewers).

What happens if the market collapses? How are we protected (are we even protected)? How will you handle such a situation? Can I lose everything?

Unfortunately there is no way to sugarcoat this, nor should it be. The chance of losing everything is there - albeit it a very slim chance. If the markets collapse then we would really need to look at all factors, but we are confident that at least a portion of the funds (or the seed money) can be saved. However, we cannot guarantee it. I can only state that we have different protocols laid out that dictate how we respond to such a situation and, at least in the past, we managed to respond well to market down-turns!

So, are my profits at risk, or is my capital as well?

Unfortunately both, so tread carefully!

Now, to reiterate YieldNodes in a few words:

Risky, Honest, Not MLM, Experimental

I hope I've been able to provide some useful guidelines to help you assess us better.

We strongly encourage people to do their own due diligence - read reviews, check the projects we're involved with (the coins, the projects as displayed on yieldnodes.com), etc. and then decide for themselves what their course of action should be.

From a personal standpoint, I pledge to work honestly, as transparently as possible, and to devote all my time and energy to the community :)

We did well over the past 2 years (almost ... we celebrate in October), but the past is only an indicator, not a promise of the future.

Sincere wishes,



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Update #23

Tym razem wypłaty wykonano wcześniej niż zwykle (dowód tutaj) dla uczczenia drugich "urodzin" projektu.


YieldNodes Early Payout + Updates

Dear YieldNoders,

You might be surprised to see your Bitcoin pay-out 3 days early. (Sapphire was paid on schedule yesterday)

Don't worry - it's not a mistake! It's because YieldNodes was "born" on September 5th, 2019

That's when Urs and I decided to undertake this project and create a club were everyone could profit from masternoding and cryptocurrency.

The project grew, and we've now been doing what we do (and loving it) for 2 years already.

To celebrate this milestone, we decided to expedite your pay-out, so we hope it puts a smile on your face and eventually do something nice for someone you know.

You and everyone else who understands what YieldNodes is (or tries to be!) are a key reason why we can practice what we preach, so thank you, as always, for your trust.

All that remains is to remind you to stay mindful and diversified in your investments and participations, and to have a great Sunday!


Urs & Steve, on behalf of the whole Yieldnodes team


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Update #24

Wyniki pierwszych dwóch tygodni września to odpowiednio 1,8% i 1,7%.



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Update #25

Wynik trzeciego tygodnia września: 1,8%.

Wynik na koniec września: 7,7%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes September Performance Report And Important News: 7.7%

Dear YieldNoders,

We're happy to report good performance for the month of September: 7.7% despite declining / stagnating crypto markets, and profits have already been credited to your account.

Audit 29-31 of October in Malta!

We have 3 spots open for you to act as an in-house "auditor" and visit the YieldNodes / Decenomy office in Malta, shake hands with the Architect behind everything Noding / Staking - Urs, see the offices, confirm the node and wallet balances, and ultimately compare deposited / compounded funds against company holdings ...in essence, proving that our business model has worked for the past 2 years!

This is not an Affiliate get-together - you will be doing an important job: assessing that we practice what we preach.


- Willing to travel between 29-31 of October to Malta

- Flights organized and paid by you.

- Accomodation, meals and program supplied by us

- Willing to sign an NDA (document of non-disclosure) on the exact funds and balances.

- Willing to sign a testimonial (if you are satisfied with what has been disclosed) that we can display in the members area for all the other members to see

Please understand that we have limited spaces and can only accept 3 more "auditors".

Apply by email to [email protected] with subject "Audit Inquiry", and include a few lines about yourself to explain why you'd make a good auditor. We will then use a randomizer to select 3 winners from the best applicants :)

Remember: This is NOT an Affiliate gathering / party - you will be providing a service for the benefit of all YieldNodes members, as well as for yourself.

Institutional Investors

As we grow, more and more options open up to join big investment rounds in special deals with great returns. If you qualify as an institutional investor, we will soon open a special channel where you can apply and get more direct contact for big partnership deals. YieldNodes is nice already, but if you'd like to have a bigger piece of the pie and additional control then you'll be kept in the loop and work closely with me (Steve) and Urs to join bigger Partner Projects aimed at building out Decenomy.

Email opt-in opens next week, so stay tuned.

New Features + USDT Deposit in the works.

We are working hard at a feature that lets you gift away balances (to friends and family, perhaps?), or to help fund less fortunate people. We are also looking to add the ability to deposit via USDT (tether) as this has been requested frequently.

As always, we'd appreciate a review! (Makes us always happy to read!)


Sapphire withdrawals are scheduled for the 4th, with BTC on the 8th ...as always :)

Apologies that this email was a bit longer than usual, but better that you know too much than too little ;)

I'd like to thank you all for respecting our time and letting us work - this community is a joy, and we appreciate everyone who's a part of it!

At some point next year, we plan to have a proper YieldNodes Members get-together to meet all of you, but we don't want it to be one of the usual meet-ups with strict programs - we'd preferr a more relaxed "no program" event. This is currently just us thinking out loud, but let's see how things go - for now, we have a ton of much more important work ahead of us!.. so let's get to it.

Best wishes!

Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor

The Core Team

PS: Attached is a team picture showing Key Figures of us meeting in Anklam (Germany) to discuss solar, battery and renewable energy use cases!



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Update #26

Wypłata jak zwykle punktualnie, dowód tutaj.

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia października: 2,2%.

Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders

Again, a bit if a long one, but there's a lot to talk about.

Payments Done

The pay-outs in Sapphire and BTC have all been completed.

Remember the schedule! :) What's requested between 1st and 15th is paid out on the 4th (Sapphire) and 8th (Bitcoin) of the following month.

Institutional Investors Opt-in!

As we move towards regulating and building our company structures, we want to gauge the potential interest from institutional Investors.

Here's the form to register interest. You'll be contacted once everything's ready, so be sure to use your best mail address and phone number. We have no time frame yet, but it will be good for you to be on the list. Even if you're not currently an institutional investor but plan to become one, feel free to register your interest :)

Link: https://members.yieldnodes.com/en/subscribe/ii

Audit 29-31 October!

As announced, this time we're having a physical audit at the Decenomy offices in Malta... Urs (the Mastermind behind YieldNodes) is going to show you around personally, and will then present the audit information so that our "auditors" can compare what's been invested with what's held as coin value in wallets and exchanges, and should confirm a substantial reserve balance.

We had over 50 members apply ...but, unfortunately, many applied too late as the selection raffle video was shot days ago (as mentioned, we're "chasing the clock" to get everything organized in time), so we're really sorry if you weren't able to be considered this time :(

To be fully transparent, we shot a small video and used a randomizer script to ensure that the selections were fair and unbiased.

Here's the Youtube link:


Congratulations to:

Liam Inwood
Angela Seaman


Christian Ossiander

You'll be contacted soon - hopefully we can arrange everything on time :)

0% Fee Promotion!

One of our payment processors (Transak) has agreed a "0% fee on card purchases" promotion for the next 2 weeks - no fees will be charged for exchanging fiat into crypto except for the blockchain fee, which is a 3rd-party fee.

They also now have higher limits for card purchases - $1,400 USD per card transaction (max $14,000 per day / $28,000k per month / $100,000 per year).

Everything that helps our members save money is a win in our book, so if you use Transak then please tell us about your experience (when you deposit, you click EUR and then choose Transak inside the system).

For larger amounts ($15,000+), bank transfer is still the best solution ...and our best provider for that is Walleteze. They have been providing our members a "0% fee" deal for several months already, and it's still available.

Well, that's it for now - sorry for the length of this newsletter, but there was a lot to discuss.

As always, if you like what we do, we greatly apreciate your feedback on TrustPilot:


(Everyone on the team reads it)

Last but not least: have patience with us when you send emails and request support - especially around the withdrawal days as we're swamped with requests, so it might take a while to respond. Also, please understand that we cannot make any exceptions regarding withdrawal windows or accommodate special requests - it results in too much time taken away from the actual business. The best way to contact us is and remains email.


Urs, Steve, Dima and Yegor

The Core Team


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Update #27

Wyniki drugiego i trzeciego tygodnia października to odpowiednio 2% i 2,3%.

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Update #28

Wynik na koniec października: 10,1%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


Yieldnodes Profit Report : 10.1% + Audit News

Dear YieldNoders,

We're happy to report a gain of 10.1% for the month of October.

The audit in Malta has been completed! We are preparing the full report and will share it with you on the 8th of November along with the usual "profit payouts complete" email and some nice pictures of the offices and the team!

As you might remember, we used a randomizer script to select 3 applicants from about 50 who were willing to make the trip.

You can watch a video of the selection process here:


From the 3 selected, Mr Ossiander couldn't make it, so Josh P. in the #4 slot stepped up.

Here's a picture of the gathering. More to come on the 8th, including a detailed breakdown.


I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the event and we thank you sincerely for being such nice, polite guests! Thanks also to Urs, Nick, Dima and John who prepared and conducted the audit as well as sharing insights into where our journey is heading!

As always, expect payouts for Sapphire on the 4th and BTC on the 8th!

If you like what we do, we'd really appreciate a review on Trustpilot:


Despite all the enthusiasm, please stay mindful and diversified in your investments.

We are constantly aware of the huge responsibility we carry, and it's not always easy - sometimes even burdening, but it's also extremely rewarding to know that you're doing a good thing, and working with good people :)

However, it's important that you never put all your eggs in one basket!

With that, as always, thank you for your trust and lets keep going strong!


Steve on behalf of the Core Team at YieldNodes


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Update #29

Opis październikowej kontroli już dostępny na stronie po zalogowaniu (w zakładce "Audits").

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Update #30

Kolejna wypłata punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia listopada: 1,8%.

Nowy newsletter:


YieldNodes Payouts Complete + News

Dear YieldNoders,

We're happy to advise you that profit payouts have been completed as per the schedule!

The audit has also been a big success - feel free to check out the report inside the members area as if confirms that YieldNodes holds all the values in assets shown to the random auditors.

(Click "Audits" in the menu on the left side!)

Despite the enthusiasm, we continue to urge caution as YieldNodes remains a risky participation model.

In particular, we advise against taking loans to participate. Please exercise caution at all times and diversify your assets. (we've received quite a few emails asking about this)

It's important to us that the model we follow is understood, and that YieldNodes is not portrayed as a "get rich quick" scheme - even though our yields do border on the incredible at times.

On another note: More and more users are requesting "special favours" such as earlier payouts, changes of BTC address, etc.

Although we have tried to assist in the past, this is no longer possible due to scaling issues as custom wishes take a lot of time to grant and it's detrimental to the overall operation of the program - especially as only a few staff are able to handle funds, and we cannot increase the numbers for reasons of security.

We understand that BTC addresses of exchanges can change due to the long withdrawal window we have, so it can become a bit cumbersome.

For this reason, we strongly suggest that you deposit your Sapphire gains into your Sapphire wallet rather than to an exchange, then move it from there.

For BTC, we also advise getting a FIXED BTC address that does not change - a device such as Trezor T. is ideal.

Ultimately, it makes sense to store your assets yourself, and not entrust everything to an exchange.

Here is the link!!


It might be a bit more costly, but so is a safe :) ...and spending some money on security is never a bad idea!

So, now we've discussed getting crypto funds out, it's prudent to discuss getting them in (and getting cash back to your bank account) :)

On that front, we'd like to remind you that Walleteze offers excellent SWIFT and ACH options for purchasing crypto as well as withdrawing to your bank - just click the button in the member area.

As always we appreciate some Trustpilot Feedback!


Let's keep going strong into the Christmas Season, and onwards into a great 2022 :)


Urs,Steve Dima & Yegor

The YieldNodes Core Team

PS: Full Disclosure: The Trezor link is an Affiliate link, but 100% of the commissions generated will be added to the pool for the benefit of YieldNodes members.


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Update #31

Wyniki drugiego i trzeciego tygodnia listopada to odpowiednio 1,6% i 1,8%.

Wynik na koniec listopada: 7,2%.

Nowy newsletter:


YieldNodes Profits Report (7.2%) + News!

Dear YieldNoders!

We're happy to report a gain of 7.2% for the month of November! The crypto market has retraced a bit from its all-time highs, but we still managed to make more than decent profits so expect the returns reflected in your account tomorrow during the day. As always, payments are on track for 4th of December (Sapphire) and 8th for BTC.


We're also happy to announce the new "Pay it forward" feature that has been requested, and is coming out right on time for the season of giving :)

Essentially, it enables you to gift between 100 and 5,000 Euros to anyone you want ...as long as you have their email address!

Initially, the amount will be reserved from your "withdrawable balance", and the invited party will get an email with a "gift" notice (no strings attached!)

If they take action and claim the funds within 72 hours then the amount will be deducted from your balance and credited to their YieldNodes account, and it not, the amount will be unfrozen again and restored to your account.

If the gift is claimed by a new YieldNodes member then you'll receive a 5% commission on that amount, and if the recipient later decides to add more funds themselves then you'll receive 5% of whatever they deposit too.

It's an ideal way of sponsoring friends ...albeit with an "appetizer" of 100 Euros, or a larger amount.

We've been fortunate, and believe that this can become a real game changer for a lot of people - planting a nice seed that can go a long way, rather than another bottle of expensive perfume for the shelf, or their 10th "ugly" sweater of the season ;)

The feature is accessible from inside your member area - look under Affiliate ...and pay it forward! Happy gifting!!

USDT (TRC-20) deposits coming!

Another often-requested feature is live already, but only for the handful of people helping us to "battle test" it, so expect the full roll out over the coming month once we've made sure everything works as it should.

As always, we're grateful to have you aboard and appreciate your trust in us... we've come a long way and look forward to a nice xmas and a successful 2022 with all of you.

Stay safe out there - hug your loved ones, and leave us feedback here!



Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor

The YieldNodes Core Team


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Update #32

Wypłata jak zwykle punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia grudnia: 2,1%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


Profit Payouts Complete + News!

Dear YieldNoders!

We're happy to report that payments have been sent out as per the schedule, which we ask you to consider at all times. With that in mind, we would really appreciate you watching the videos and reading the F.A.Q. section to learn as much as you can about YieldNodes processes before deciding to email us, as we're very busy doing what we do best and want to continue providing an impeccable service in that regard.

Sapphire Withdrawals

We recommend that you start using sapphire to stake & masternode, as well as HODLING it for added value. It's a great way to be in control of your own finances, and it can be exchanged via a multitude of exchanges as well

You can download the wallet from


USDT Withdrawals in Progress

As added value, we're working towards allowing USDT (Trc-20) withdrawals.. it'll take a while to implement, but it's in the works :)

Sapphire Hardware Wallet Ledger

We're hard at work bringing Sapphire (SAPP), our main coin, onto hardware wallets... there's a picture below. If everything works out, you'll be able to hold it and even stake directly from the hardware wallet. We're in deep conversations with the guys at Ledger to make this a reality!

Mobile Wallets for Coins!

We're also hard at work to finally provide mobile wallets for all of our coins.. the beta version should be going live in a couple of weeks!

Playful Auction (777 Coin)

We've had our noses to grindstone with the auction site that will use our 777 coin - that's scheduled to go into beta at the end of this month!


We continue seeking regulation in Switzerland ...and things are progressing - albeit at a snail's pace, but progress is progress! As you can imagine, there's a LOT of paperwork and supporting documentation needed, but as soon as we have enough useful info to share, we will.

There's a ton of specific coin news in the DECENOMY Discord channels, and you're most welcome to participate in those discussions:


DECENOMY Projects!















:777~13: JACKPOT (777):























Lastly, we want to wish you a very merry MERRY CHRISTMAS!

From all us us here at YieldNodes... thank you for 2 years of trust and support, and hopefully a great 2022 together! ... Stay healthy - stay safe ...and if you can, pay it forward :)

Sincerely, on behalf of the entire YieldNodes & Decenomy Group!!

Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor

PS: If you really REALLY want to a friendly word on our Trustpilot Profile will sweeten our Christmas! ;) Thank you sincerely!!


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Update #33

Wynik drugiego tygodnia grudnia: 1,8%.

W trzecim tygodniu grudnia program również wypracował 1,8%.

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Update #34

Poniżej treść świątecznego newslettera:


YieldNodes Merry Xmas + 25 Eur Gift :)

Dear YieldNoders!

On behalf of the whole YieldNodes Team I'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas!

It's our 2nd Christmas together so we wanted to show our appreciation with a small token (no pun intended!)...

To that end, every funded* account will be credited with a 25 euro Christmas bonus - no strings attached! (Will appear within 24 hours) It's only a small gesture, but we hope it goes some way towards showing that we truly appreciate you, your trust, and your committment to helping us build a decentralized economy together!

In the coming year we plan to involve the community (yes, you!) more and more as the projects mature and the use cases for coins evolve. A LOT needs to be done, and we're only just beginning, but we're also very happy with what we've archieved together already and we're excited to tackle the challenges ahead!

However, right now it's time to celebrate with your loved ones... take a step back and help someone who needs it!

As always feedback is appreciated :


With sincerest good wishes,

Steve, Urs, Dima & Yegor

The YieldNodes Core Team

* Bonus is applied ONLY to accounts that have Balance on them.


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Update #35

Wynik na koniec grudnia: 7,5%.

Poniżej treść najnowszego newslettera:


Yieldnodes Profit Report December: 7.5% + News

Dear YieldNoders!

We'd like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and profitable new year!

We have already credited the December profits: 7.5%

We are very happy with it considering the stagnating / slightly declining crypto market.

As usual, expect withdrawals for Sapphire to be processed on the 4th, and BTC on the 8th.

Looking to the future, it's important that we stay fast and nimble, and focus on growing Yieldnodes / Decenomy.

Unfortunately, we're still getting very high numbers of support requests, and this is affecting our ability to grow.

We're therefore going to streamline the FAQ and our support system, after which we'll be implementing a strict policy that questions answered in the FAQ will not be answered by email.

As always, stay mindful, read and understand the risk disclosure to understand what Yieldnodes is (& isn't), and diversify your assets appropriately!

That being said, everything is on track, and we'll hopefully share some exciting news soon.

As always, we appreciate your feedback :)


Sincerely, and on behalf of the entire YieldNodes & Decenomy group!!

Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor


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Posted (edited)

Update #36

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia stycznia: 1,7%.

Wypłata jak zwykle punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Przyszedł czas na krótkie podsumowanie... Minął rok, odkąd dołączyłem do Yield Nodes. W zeszłym roku program wypracował wynik na poziomie 124,2%. Płacą regularnie i punktualnie, rozwijają się, i oby tak dalej. 


Najnowszy newsletter:


Subject: Withdrawals Completed + News


Dear YieldNoders,

Withdrawals have been paid out as usual :)

Important!: It takes time to arrive so wait until tomorrow if you think something has gone amiss to contact support. We are busy up to our necks always ;)

If you have a PENDING withdrawal, it just means that it's not met the timeline to be withdrawn yet. Remember the schedule:

Withdrawals requested by the 15th of the month are paid at the beginning of the following month. Sapphire withdrawals occur on the 4th, and Bitcoin withdrawals are processed on the 8th (today).

However, if your request is dated after the 15th then it will be rolled forward to the following month - for example:

- Withdrawals requested between December 16th and January 15th will be processed on February 4th / 8th

- Withdrawals requested between January 16th and February 15th will be processed on March 4th / 8th

These fairly long withdrawal windows allow us to manage the node returns better and have good exchange opportunities... without them, the overall revenue would be much lower.

Also, it's a logistical issue. We we get together to double-check and manually verify the transactions to be certain that everything is done correctly, and spend a couple of hours on withdrawal day to ensure the maths behind it makes sense :)

If we relied on automated processes then the risk of something going amiss would be too high, or a clever hacker could drain funds via an automated process.

The Decenomy / YieldNodes Merch Store

We're very happy that one of the early YieldNoders took action on behalf of the community and launched (with our blessing) a Merch Store for Decenomy / YieldNodes gear.

You can now buy Hoodies, Flipflops, Laptop bags, Mugs, etc. from https://decenomy.myshopify.com/

Do let us know how the shopping process is, and whether you like the wares.

I got a blue hoodie and I like it very much :)

The cool part: 100% of the profits go into the YieldNodes Masternoding pool. Liam D. is doing this just to support us. A quality guy and team player indeed!

He also runs a piercing shop: https://www.otiumpiercing.co.uk/

Feel free to check it out!

Decenomy Coins Mobile Wallets

The Mobile wallet App for decenomy coins is in the testing phase... we'll soon launch them to the public so you'll be able to store Decenomy coins on your cellphone :)

USDT Withdrawals

Much requested, and also in the making. After successfully integrating USDT (trc-20) deposits, we're now working on USDT withdrawals. It'll take a little while and will also be rolled in stages to test it, but it's in the works... it'll be a blessing in a bear market. Stay tuned!

As always, we're very thankful for your trust and committment. The cryptomarket is swinging downwards, but decenomy is keeping quite stable compared to the markets :)

Feel free to leave us a review on:


(Means a LOT to us!)

And as you've heard us say time and again... stay diversified in a few opportunities, and if you can, combine the passive income streams with a good active one. As much as we love what we do, and as good as it's been so far, YieldNodes carries a high degree of risk! (read the below risk assessment that we always include) It's easy to get carried away and compound, but there's nothing wrong with withdrawing profits as well. We always try our best, and YieldNodes / Decenomy is a lifetime project to us that we devote 100% of our energies to (as you can see in the dark circles around our eyes =) , but if something were to go awry, we wouldn't want the livelihoods of thousands of people on our consciences.

Stay safe and sound until the next newsletter :)


Urs, Steve, Yegor & Dima

The YieldNodes Core Team

Warning! Only Access your YieldNodes account from the official Url and subdomains! We do not use or support any Apps on IOS or Android! Beware of Scammers and Phishers trying to obtain your login info!


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Update #37

Wynik drugiego tygodnia stycznia: 1,9%.

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Update #38

Wynik trzeciego tygodnia stycznia: 1,6%.

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Update #39

Poniżej najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Community Call !

Dear YieldNoders,

This is a Community Call as we need your help :)

As crypto turns more bearish in the short term, revenues in YieldNodes MIGHT reduce. We're currently holding strong, but it's best to prepare for all eventualities, as only arrogant people assume they have all the answers... and we prefer to learn and adapt.

Every Euro saved or gained is a Euro that directly translates into profit for all YieldNoders, so we're looking for a Debit Card solution. We've been in talks with various providers, but not found a satisfactory offering yet as either the fees were outrageously high, or the servicable territory was too small (only EU, only Russia, etc.) and we'd like as near to "worldwide" as possible to assist the majority of us.

We need debit cards (VISA and/or Mastercard) that allow YieldNodes members to withdraw their profits and use them in everyday life... a partnership! A Decenomy / YieldNodes-branded solution would be nice, but it's more critical to have low fees (fees will be there for sure, but 100% of "profits" would go back into the masternode and staking pools!) and high limits so you can really make it count!

The idea here is that instead of losing valuable percentages outside of the community, transaction fees flow back into YieldNodes - strengthening us for the long run. As an example, if a YieldNodes participant withdraws 10,000 Euro and uses an outside debit card to spend that crypto, fees are usually around 3-4% including exchanging into stablecoin, moving from one provider to another, etc.

Now, imagine we had a provider that ONLY kept around half of that 3-4% and paid the difference back into YieldNodes :)

So, if you can make an introduction or know a good company, please do NOT reply to this message as we are always swamped with support emails - instead, reach out to me directly on skype: Steve25m

Please no referral links or website addresses just direct contacts with decision makers so we can move swiftly!

Thank you for being a valued member and helping out!

Steve H.

CEO YieldNodes


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Update #40

Wynik na koniec stycznia: 8%.

Poniżej najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Profit Report January 2022 + News !

Dear YieldNoders!

We're very glad to report January Profits of 8%. It looked like the month would end a bit lower, but a strong closing week plus strength in the Decenomy coins and communities allowed us to post a nicer return than anticipated.

IMPORTANT: In your Profit Newsletter your profit might be written as slightly less because we credited a Christmas Bonus of 25 eur on the 25th of December that became active in earning In January therefore influencing the stats. It was handled like a regular funds deposit subject to the 7 days "grace" period by our script so therefore the slight change! Rest assured its calculated in the right way! :)

The Decenomy Merch store (https://decenomy.myshopify.com/) run by Liam also had some nice sales and is the "icing on the cake".

Thanks go out to Marco S, who translated the F.A.Q. into German on our behalf :) Helping hands that contribute are always appreciated!

The same goes for all the Debit Card processing suggestions we received. We're working through all the suggestions and will hopefully find a good card partner for you to use!


On another note, USDT withdrawals should be possible by the end of this month, but that option will necessitate a 1% withdrawal fee.

The reason being, we work with nodes and coins where the main exchange form for profits is BTC as it's the primary exchange pair of value. In order to get USDT for you, we need to exchange those funds from BTC. The "work" doesn't scare us, but it's another layer subject to price fluctuations and speculation.

So, to balance the high returns we pay right now with having to eventually reduce those to absorb risks, fluctuations and fees, we decided to keep it optional, and with a small fee as the lesser of the two evils.

However, please don't think that we're changing the rules! Sapphire (SAPP) and BTC withdrawals remain free of charge.

In addition, the 1% fee is not taken as a profit - 100% of it flows back into the pool for the benefit of all YieldNoders (as always).

This feature will be rolled out gradually and tested, so don't be surprised when it pops up at some point ;)

Short Updates:

- Lots of updates to the Decenomy Coins by The Decenomy IT Services team in Portugal (Security and Fixes)

- Aquisition of MODIC Financial Coin and rebranding to MOBIC for future growth

- Mobile Wallets close to Beta for all Decenomy Coins. (SOON!)

- Renown Developer signed for Ledger Hardware wallet support for the DECENOMY Coins and eventual cold staking capabilities

(more news coming soon!)

Withdrawal Timeframes:

Please remember the timeframes. Sapphire withdrawals happen on the 4th, and BTC withdrawals on the 8th, for all sums requested between the 1st and 15th of the previous month.

As ever, we're very glad to have you with us, so please stay mindful of your participation (read the risk assessment below!), and if you like what we do, there's nothing like a review to put smiles on our faces ;)


Expect the next newsletter after we complete the withdrawal payments on the 8th of February ;)

We thank you for keeping E-mail requests to a minimum for urgent queries in order to be able to keep it fast and responsive !

Sincerely, and on behalf of the full YieldNodes & Decenomy Group

Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor


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Update #41

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia lutego: 2%.

Wypłata jak zawsze punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Profit Payout January Complete

Dear YieldNoders!

We're here with our regular short report confirming that withdrawals requested between the 1st and 15th of January have been completed.

Anything requested after the 15th will be paid on March 4th for Sapphire, or March 8th for Bitcoin.

It's come to our attention that more and more scammers are cropping up on forums, in Telegram groups, and even as full blown Android apps trying to impersonate YieldNodes!

We ONLY operate from yieldnodes.com, so do NOT trust any App or person claiming to work for or represent YieldNodes!

Unfortunately, beyond notifying the app stores to take these apps down or leaving bad reviews, there's really very little we can do to resolve the issue as the scammers pop back up like mushrooms after heavy rain :(

The best approach is therefore simply to stay vigilant, and if you encounter such an app or group then warn others!

On a more positive note, the crypto markets are recuperating nicely, which is great news for Decenomy and our community as a whole, so fingers crossed for a stellar month ahead :)

Thanks, as always, for trusting us and being such a great community and, as always, we'd appreciate some kind words here:


If you need community support this is the place to be:


(please ask in the forums first only if you cant get help there send us a mail.. busy to the brink as always ;)


Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team, on behalf of the whole Decenomy group!


Edited by lavardac

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Posted (edited)

Update #44

Wynik na koniec lutego: 8,3%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Profit Update + News: 8.3%

Dear YieldNoders!

The end of the month report is here... and an impressive (considering the state of the crypto markets!) 8.3% for YieldNodes members.


YieldNodes & Politics

We're deeply saddened by current events in Ukraine, and though we should remain non-political as as a company, we take a hard stance and support our Ukrainian friends and brothers. To this end, we worked to implement a "donation from withdrawable funds" feature and Urs and I (Steve) commit to matching all donations 100% from own funds. (Not YieldNodes funds! private funds)

When funds will be sent we will show the transaction in a transparent way so you know the money will go to good humanitarian use.

When people need to cower underground in fear, and children are collateral damage, you need to act and provide help. As Edmund Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

We consider ourselves to be a force of good, and want to be able to face ourselves in the mirror. Urs has also purchased 2 buses that help to carry over disabled refugees from Ukraine into Europe.

If you want you can also donate directly yourself.


The official Donation addresses set by the Ukrainian Government is:

BTC - 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P

ETH and USDT (ERC-20) - 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14


Decenomy Hub in Malta & Team Meeting

We had a team meeting in Malta at the Decenomy / YieldNodes offices, and are happy to unveil the construction of what is hopefully the first of many Decenomy Hubs. It will be a place where staking and masternoding is explained, people can get together, get funding for coin projects, learn to use this new economy, get help and network aka our gateway to the real world (back to the roots!)

Malta will be the first, but many more are to follow - expanding the decenomy and coin usage all across europe (at first) and then the world!

here are some Impressions. Hopefully it will become a great meeting spot for all of us. The space is definitely there (its going to be huge!) this is but a small compilation ;)






Payments will be on the 4th for Sapphire and 8th for BTC as usual! Tether (TRC-20) withdrawals are currently in live testing and are following soon!

We urge you to be mindful of our time and only email when you can not get an answer or help in the forums (listed below on facebook) so we can focus on our work as always !!

Please stay strong - despite current world events and, as always, we appreciate some kind words here that basically tell us youre with us and you approve of what we do :)


Note: There are people around claiming to be from YieldNodes asking for deposits on skype and other plattforms.. Remember we would NEVER do that so stay alert! Also do not use any Apps! The only place for Yieldnodes is YieldNodes.com!

Thanks for trusting us and for being such a great community!

Sincerely and on behalf of the full YieldNodes & Decenomy Group!!

Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor

Steve H.

CEO YieldNodes.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Community Run Facebook Group (Get Help for all things Yieldnodes!): https://www.facebook.com/groups/communitygroupyieldnodes/


Edited by lavardac

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Update #45

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia marca: 1,8%.

Wypłata punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Payout Completed

Dear YieldNoders!

We're pleased to report that the pay-outs have been completed on schedule :)

Please keep donating for the people of Ukraine - every little helps, and we will honour our pledge to match donations 100% from our own pockets (not YieldNodes!). On top we are providing help with Busses and support on the border. Urs is himself in place and hopefully we can show some help that we could directly provide in an update in the future with pictures.

Once funds have been sent, we will also show the donation transparently on the Blockchain.

Urs has also launched our official page, where we try to provide help through Decenomy and Direct coin donations.


The official donation addresses set by the Ukrainian government are:

BTC - 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P

ETH and USDT (ERC-20) - 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14

We're keeping things short this time as we want you to focus on Ukraine and the help they desperately need but 2 warnings

1.) someone is trying to use a skypehandle "steve25m (S small!) " to lure people to scam money from them. Please be aware that this is not me but an impersonator.
2.) we do not use any apps or programs! Yieldnodes.com is the only official site and all apps in Android or IOS are setup by scammers who want to steal your investments. Beware!!

As always apreciate a friendly work over on trustpilot ;)

Thank you sincerely!!,

Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team, on behalf of all of Decenomy

PS: Wherever possible, try to get your questions answered via the forum - this allows us to remain swift and nimble in our email support. Your understanding is much (MUCH!) appreciated :)


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