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YieldNodes - 5-15% miesięcznie

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Update #71

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes Important News!

Dear YieldNoders!

We have a few points we wanted to shed some light on.

Exchanges Controversy

Members have alerted us that a few exchanges have labelled YieldNodes a scam and refuse to let people deposit or withdraw, citing SCAM warnings.

Whilst we acknowledge and value critcism and warnings of potentially risky participation, we never hide the fact that YieldNodes is risky and an unregulated investment entity, so we very-much encourage members to learn about us and absorb as much info as you can. However, we take a strong stand against such accusations and are checking our legal options.

"High risk" is fine, but "scam" implies that we do something unlawful and this is not sitting well with us.

We have offices in Malta and the Hub where you can book tours. We also have our real data on the website along with our real images and what we do. Moreover, we celebrate our 3-year anniversary in October.

In addition, we just completed our latest member audit 1 month ago and consider ourselves the most transparent noding company in the market, having proven that even in this bear market we have reserves of 32% while, others have long folded or lost money whereas we stand tall and proud, and we will fight tooth and nail against slanderous accusations.

Audit here>> https://members.yieldnodes.com/en/auditjuly2022

We urge our members to always use their own wallets for withdrawals and deposits - even if it's an additional step. It's best to avoid problems because exchanges are not your friends, and can freeze assets if they want, whereas your wallet is under your own control.

Panic and FUD

We have also noticed a lot of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) being generated by different entities that want people to panic and request emergency withdrawals... only to buy them up and re-sell them to the highest bidder on forums and Reddit.

This is a disgusting business practice, so we have put several blocks in place i.e. a minimum 5000 Euro account, so prevent these scammers from opening tiny, 100 Euro accounts through reflinks, and then trying to gobble up these emergency withdrawals.

We will keep refining this feature until we cancel out such practices, but we are baffled by the attitude - if these people put in half the effort working as genuine affiliates or just being happy campers then it would benefit every YieldNoder much more.

Another baffling issue is the tone and harassment that the support team sees at times - demands for withdrawals ahead of time ...and even in fiat money, cries that we are scammers because we will not instantly pay them and waive the penalty, harrassment phonecalls, etc., etc.

As most of these members lost money in scams such as Juicy Fields, they become panicky and put us into the same category. It's an understandable feeling, but it doesn't give them the right to turn into an insulting arse, and this attitude is quite tiresome.

We have a saying, "the member is king as long as he behaves like a king", so please treat us and our staff the way you want to be treated.

This behaviour is only coming from 3% of members, but alienates the other 97% that are actually valuing our work, which is the reason we get up and do this in the first place - to earn together and to carry this project together.

We don't need FOMO and we don't need FUD, so try to stay balanced ...and feel free to make up your own mind! Remember: criticism is always welcome if communicated in the right tone :)

SCAMS and Phishers

Stay cautious! More and more phishing scams have appeared that try to steal your login data to empty your accounts. ONLY access YieldNodes from the official yieldnodes.com site - NO APPS or other URLs... as of recently, another scam appeared with reversed characters:

SCAM -| Yieldonders.com ... the o and n are reversed to profit from typos... so be watchful!!

Use case realization for Mobic

Our first real life use case is almost complete, and stands near Stuttgart, Germany with our technology partner, EGS

As you all know, we have been talking for some time about our loading stations and mobile loading containers for electric cars. Well, now the time has come where we can actually touch and see this use case!

We have our first working prototype installed with collaboration from a small town in Germany!

The tests I saw show that the loading station is working and almost ready to use, so the next step will be decentralized loading - giving everyone the opportunity to share electricity and earn money by doing it!

The picture in the link underneath is our loading station - still very basic in design (because this was not our top priority) but we will soon start seeing “DECENOMY loading stations” all over the world!


The future is taking shape ...step by step :)

We appreciate feedback as always!


Sincerely and appreciating (the 97% of you :D )

Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Update #72

Wynik na koniec sierpnia: 6,1%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


Yieldnodes August Profits: 6.1% Credited.

Dear YieldNoders!

The rate for August is 6.1%, so we're very happy with that result given the less-than-optimal market conditions in recent weeks!

Own Datacenter in Würzburg

We're happy to announce that we're working on building our own server farm in a datacenter located in Würzburg. This will allow us to decouple ourselves from 3rd-party servers and be able to move operations in-house ...along with our own security own staff!

Things have already begun in this regard - here are a few pictures: (Micha looks abit grumpy but hes a jolly fella usually :)


Everything is on track for implementing USDC deposits (and later, withdrawals) very soon.

We've also been working on our YieldNodes App, which is shaping up nicely, so we aim to present an Alpha version very soon.

However, please remember that NO Apps are out yet, so steer well clear of any Apps you might find in the iOS and Google stores as they're all Phishing apps created by hackers, so beware!!

We appreciate feedback as always!



Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Update #73

Wypłata punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia września: 1%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes News + Payments Processed

Dear YieldNoders

As always, Pay-outs have been processed! There have been a few hiccups but everything is as always resolved and taken care of :)

New! SAPP (Sapphire) Deposits with 10% Start-Up Bonus and USDC Deposits!

As we consistently strive to more utility to our Decenomy coins, we added the Sapphire Deposit option!

If you deposit in YieldNodes via Sapphire then you will get a 10% Deposit Bonus (only valid during September for now), and the 7-day "grace period" is waived because Sapphire is already noded.

You'll find these options when logging into YieldNodes and clicking the "Deposit" option. You can currently purchase Sapphire on Birake, Stakecube and Graviex.

It was a natural evolution towards YieldNodes Pro to gradually bring in our network and fuse together Decenomy and YieldNodes in a more coherent manner!

Over time, we will add all the Decenomy coins as depositing options as well as offering them as payout options. You can continue to be paid out in BTC and USDT if you wish - our goal is simply to become more flexible and nimble rather than restricting choice.

In the long run, this will have a "flywheel" effect - stabilizing and elevating prices as our real-world use cases materialize step-by-step, as well as decoupling our network from the general crypto market that is currently dire-looking and let us build our own thing together :)

Our coins (especially Sapphire) are stores of value, and we need to work on the mindset to establish them as such - giving them stability and usability despite what the general crypto market is doing.

We are truly blessed and very happy to be able to keep fighting the good fight alongside you, and to work in this niche despite the world-wide negativity from war, economic collapse, and the impending energy crisis (heating costs) looming this winter.

Working in the Solar and Battery sector, and making renewable energy affordable (even the ability to earn from it via coins) is going to be a very profitable market for all of us, so YieldNodes and Decenomy are in a very good position to capitalize big time ...and so do you!

In turn, we hope you see us in the same light: As partners on a mission to change the status quo and build a better future together.

As always if you like our work leave a note... we truly appreciate them a lot!

Reviews: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/yieldnodes.com


Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima


The YieldNodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Update #74

Wynik drugiego tygodnia września: 1,2%.

Najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes, App News, Outlook and Expansion

Dear YieldNoders!

We're hard at work as the slower time of the year comes to an end.

"Weak Hands" have been flushed out of the system, and the network is growing stronger and stronger again - despite the on-going bearmarket and crypto-panic.

Look around yourself! Every competitor or program that started out with promises is gone. Volumes on Opensea and NFT places are at an all-time low, and even regulated companies (Celcius) and funds (AC3 Capital) have gone.

Yet here we are :)

.. soon celebrating our 3-year anniversary! (something nice is planned.. you'll see soon!)

Never forget - you have a full team of capable people here ...all working to bring our coins and networks into the real world and connect the values to fight price fluctuations. We're not there yet, but everyday we grow and learn. Realise that YieldNodes and Decenomy are working actively on your behalf rather than just building a pointless chain where nothing happens (ICOS and Shitcoins) - that should tell you something.

The Hubs, meeting points, the tech coming to masternode within wallets.. the POS push through the Ethereum merge, plus the solar and battery projects when the energy crisis is coming. Not counting the island of Sao Tome and Principe where we will materialize our projects in 2023. We're perfectly positioned to reap all the rewards.

If our plans come to fruition, the appreciation of Sapphire will be incredible ...as will our other coins. However It's in your hands as well! If you understand that SAPP and our other decenomy coins are "stores of value", and that you truly have partners you can trust... we win!

We expect some great gains over the coming months and are very excited :)

YieldNodes App on Android and iOS

The App is almost ready - we're just working out the final kinks, so it'll soon to be ready to download and use! Here's a Video Preview:


Expansion into Asia

We're looking to expand into the Asian market so we're working on a translation of our site as well as searching for Asian partners. Africa will be next :)

As always, the warning stands. Never invest what you cannot afford to lose. As bright as things look, you always need to consider YieldNodes as part of a bigger investment portfolio and realize that although rewards can be massive, it has to be categorized as high risk because it has not been attempted before.


Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The YieldNodes core team, on behalf of all Decenomy


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Update #75

Tym razem jedynie najnowszy newsletter:


YieldNodes 10% Bonus on Deposit (Until end of September!)

Dear YieldNoders!

Just A quick Notice! In our quest to offer choice and options to our customers, we added a new feature.

You can now Purchase Sapphire OTC Style (SAPP) DIRECTLY inside YieldNodes under this Menupoint:


Whats more, you can generate inside YieldNodes under "Deposit" your very own Sapphire address and have your purchased Sapps deposited directly there getting a 10% Bonus on the deposited sum. (only valid for September.)

To summarize:

1.) Click Deposit then Sapphire and "Generate SAPP Address"

2.) Buy under (Buy Sapphire Sapp). You will get an adress to send your BTC to and instructions to enter your generated Sapp Adress as well. Once the transaction is completed you can start your YieldNodes Journey with a 10% Bonus automatically applied to your balance (OTC purchases take a few hours as its a manual exchange process supervised).

this is "another" way if you do not want to go trough an exchange! (A "Comfort" Option so to speak!) Else you can still buy Sapphire on the exchanges and deposit directly (also gives the 10% Bonus!)

Remember this is only valid for September, as we readjust for October/ Cancel the bonus depending on how the markets work.

As always appreciate you a lot :)


Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


I kolejny newsletter:


YieldNodes: More for You, Less for us !

Dear YieldNoders!

You hear frequently from us these days but theres a lot to communicate and we want to keep you in the loop always!

As you might know Yieldnodes will become 3 Years old in October. We are very excited about it and the future and we want to start the celebrations early so here come a few suprises

First: Less for us more for You!

We reduce our percentage of profit from 15% to 12.5% . This means that instead of 85% of profits you recieve now 87.5% of them.

YieldNodes never was or is about us getting rich or about greed.. its about sustainability the project and mostly about building an economy you can trust and see as a store of value.

We want to do our part in showing that we care and that this is not about money but about fulfilling our dream of building something that is transparent usable and makes the world a better place.

Over the coming years we project our share to go down further and further as Yieldnodes grows and prospers ! Lets see what the next years will bring :)

But wait theres more!

Buying and using Emergency Withdrawals.

We have lifted the requirement of 5000 eur Minimum deposit and even the 24 hour 1 time purchase in favour of a system that flags accounts that take emergency withdrawals off the table and dont pay them. They will get a 48 hour ban first and 2nd time and then be permanently Banned. So when you click on one of these to reserve for payment you better back your claim up !

But wait theres more :)

It has been asked for a long time but the big emergency withdrawals get now "hacked" up into smaller pieces and therefore more people get the opportunity to partake in this. So expect to see more of them !

We still experiment here so there will be tweaks done.

The YieldNodes App is currently under Google Review, IOS will follow later (its a longer process!)

As always if you like what we do drop us a comment. As said yesterday we appreciate every single one of you thanks for giving your trust and comittment.. and as always be diversified and do not overcommit.. YieldNodes remains risky .. even tough honest!

Would love a comment here!


Also dont forget the 10% Bonus with Sapphire is still on until end of the month!


Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Update #77

Tym razem tylko newsletter - oficjalna apka YieldNodes już do pobrania!


Dear YieldNoders!

We're happy to report that the YieldNodes Android App is finally live! (IOS will follow later) Get it from the Google Play Store via this link:


...or directly by clicking the Play Store Button on 

DO NOT use any other sources! (Hacker Danger)

The App will still be a bit glitchy, but we'll be working out the kinks to make it better and better as we go (Dark Mode coming as well!)

Hindi Language available!

YieldNodes is now available in Hindi! (website and members area) French, Mandarin and Turkish versions are in the works!

10% Sapphire bonus is expiring!

Remember: The 10% bonus for depositing via Sapphire ends at midnight (CET) on September 30th - that's this Friday! So, get moving if you still want that head start and choose to deposit in Sapphire - you can either buy from Exchanges and deposit via a wallet address, or use the OTC Deposit option right inside YieldNodes to deposit directly (this only works with BTC at present)

Tutorials can be found here:

Important: Even if you deposit via Sapphire after September 30th, the 7 day "grace period" will remain waived as we masternode Sapphire directly, so set-up is faster than with BTC, USDT, etc.

As always, stay well diversified, and if you like our work, leave a review - they keep us fired up and keen to churn out updates even faster ;)

Leave us some love here!:


Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The Yieldnodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Posted (edited)

Update #78

Wynik na koniec września: 5,3%.

Najnowszy newsletter - YieldNodes obchodzi swoje trzecie urodziny! Z tej okazji minimalna kwota depozytu została obniżona z 500 EUR do 100 EUR, ale tylko do końca października.


Dear YieldNoders!

We're happy to announce the rate for September: 5.3%

As always, pay-outs will be processed according to the published schedule.

Mandarin available!

We've added a new language! Following on from our Hindi translation, Mandarin is now available.

YieldNodes App ranked #6 in Finance on Google Play!

The Yieldnodes Android App is doing well, despite some glitches and pending bug fixes. As you would expect, we're on it, and will be smoothing out the experience over the coming weeks.

The YieldNodes iOS App will also become available later this month, but remember to ONLY download via links on yieldnodes.com in order to stay safe from hackers!

YieldNodes is 3 years old!

YieldNodes was started 3 years ago in October 2019 ...from a small noding and staking operation in Malta. 3 years and many many grey hairs later (someone just told me that I've aged considerably... thank you internet people :D) we have grown into an organization of 50+ people with physical Hubs in Malta and Germany, 20+ coin projects, exchange partnerships, and are constantly transforming and reinventing the business through bull and bear markets - staying strong even in the wake of economic crisis, war and pandemic :)

We want to thank everyone who stood (and stands) by us to make this journey so memorable! It hasn't always been easy, and it certainly wont be in the future, but we renew our pledge to do things the right way while remaining transparent in what we do and how we do it.

As part of the celebration, there are 3 steps:

1) New T-shirt

Our fan favourite Liam Dyson has created a nice T-shirt for the occasion which can be purchased via the store:


2) Lower minimum initial deposit for joining YieldNodes
We lowered the minimum initial deposit from 500 Euros to just 100 Euros, so it's even easier to "seed" an account. This is only for October, and will put considerable strain on our support team, but we want to give everyone a chance to seed an account as this is a marathon to us and not a Sprint.

3) SAPP bonus period extended.
Rather than removing the Sapphire Deposit Bonus entirely, we decided to extend it by one month at the  lower rate of 7% as we analyse the metrics.

I want to extend a warm thank you to all the people working with us, as well and the full team. Thanks for doing the hard work in the background and busting your behinds to build decenomy!

Once again, remember to stay well diversified in your portfolio, and if you're as happy as we are then leave us a comment at TrustPilot. YieldNodes is high profit but also high risk and we want to always be upfront and real with you.




Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The YieldNodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Update #79

Z okazji trzeciej rocznicy działalności programu zamieszczam podsumowanie dotychczasowych wyników. Sam jestem w YieldNodes od końca grudnia 2020, czyli od 21 miesięcy, co jest udokumentowane w tym wątku. Przez ten czas nigdy się nie zdarzyło, żeby nie zapłacili czy choćby spóźnili się z wypłatą.

Październik 2019 - 9,8%

Listopad 2019 - 11,9%

Grudzień 2019 - 12,5%

Styczeń 2020 - 12,8%

Luty 2020 - 10,2%

Marzec 2020 - 5,2%

Kwiecień 2020 - 8,1%

Maj 2020 - 10,3%

Czerwiec 2020 - 12,1%

Lipiec 2020 - 9,6%

Sierpień 2020 - 9,3%

Wrzesień 2020 - 12,3%

Październik 2020 - 13,5%

Listopad 2020 - 9,8%

Grudzień 2020 - 11,1%

Styczeń 2021 - 12%

Luty 2021 - 19,2%

Marzec 2021 - 10,6%

Kwiecień 2021 - 12,7%

Maj 2021 - 7,9%

Czerwiec 2021 - 9,1%

Lipiec 2021 - 9,6%

Sierpień 2021 - 10,6%

Wrzesień 2021 - 7,7%

Październik 2021 - 10,1%

Listopad 2021 - 7,2%

Grudzień 2021 - 7,5%

Styczeń 2022 - 8%

Luty 2022 - 8,3%

Marzec 2022 - 7,4%

Kwiecień 2022 - 8,3%

Maj 2022 - 6,5%

Czerwiec 2022 - 6,1%

Lipiec 2022 - 9,2%

Sierpień 2022 - 6,1%

Wrzesień 2022 - 5,3%

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Update #80
(trochę spóźniony, bo z przyczyn poza moją kontrolą nie miałem dostępu do netu)

Wypłata punktualnie na koncie, dowód tutaj.

Wynik pierwszego tygodnia października: 1,3%

Poniżej najnowszy newsletter. Kolejne wypłaty, ze względu na mogące wystąpić niespodziewane sytuacje, jak np. niedawna blokada środków na Binance, będą realizowane w dniach od 7 do 11 każdego miesiąca (z wyłączeniem wypłat w SAPP, które będą wykonywane w dotychczasowym trybie).


Dear YieldNoders,

You know that we never beat around the bush when things don't go our way and prefer to tell you as is, so here it goes:

Due to the heavy load we experience and several compounding issues, we have to restructure the withdrawal windows.

Except for SAPP (where we have more control with partners, and volumes are lower), future withdrawals will start on the 7th of the month and continue through until the 11th if the number of individual withdrawals dictate. Ideally, processing will conclude sooner than the 11th, but we have to make this change as we start incurring issues in structure and volumes.

YieldNodes and Decenomy have become very large, and due to unforseeable circumstances, we need to expand the window in which we can act and take counter-measures against unforseen events.

As you know, we've always been upfront and honest with you in everything we do, so we wanted to advise you of what has happened today:

Binance just locked a large portion of funds due to compliance. They'll probably unlock it later today, but we can't count on that. Nor should we, as a project, depend on what others dictate and be at the mercy of powers we cannot control... (attached is a video)


These events happen, so we need time to counteract by shifting assets in and out of other operations to pay the funds as well as having time to move funds from offline operations into the online market (as Decenomy pegs values on real operations as you're aware). That, plus the sheer size of some of the withdrawals (which are the reason for blocks and issues because moving millions in seconds raises red flags everywhere) requires a longer, steadier pay-out process with lower volumes. We talk about millions of value and need to ensure that YieldNodes can keep growing and prospering so that this latest event becomes the last "accident" and no longer repeats month after month - making us sweat for no good reason.

Rather than pointing fingers in the "it's their fault!" style while sitting and twiddling our thumbs, we want to look for solutions to prevent this from ever happening again and avoid giving individual entities that power over us and our community.

Withdrawal sums need now (and in future) to trickle out more slowly over a longer period of time. The new timeline will also help us to ensure that no errors occur in the pay-out process due to unnecessary stress or mental exhaustion as the process of paying thousands of users has become very complex due to the many different currencies being exchanged from masternodes, hosting the servers in our own datacenter, etc., and just one typo can cause funds to disappear into the ether!

We added new features such as OTC Buys, Sapphire deposits, the bonuses, and the App over a short period of time because we want to be builders in a bear market rather than laying back and letting things run their course. We need time here as well in order to analyze the impact of these changes on the ecosystems and determine what's viable and what isn't.

We understand that this latest change may cause some distress, but please understand that we're doing this to protect you AND our project, and in the grand scheme of things, it will benefit us all.

So, to summarize:

With immediate effect, non-SAPP withdrawals will be paid out starting the 7th of the month, and be completed by the 11th inclusive. 

The benefit will be more control over unforeseen events by allowing time to shift assets where neccessary, causing less strain on servers and giving exchanges less power to bully us and/and dictate when what can be paid.

We appreciate your cooperation and trust in this matter. 

We fight daily with all we have, and this step is required to ensure a smoother and less hairy pay-out process. We hope you can see things from our side of the table, and how frustrating it can be when you're against the clock and things suddendly happen that are out of your control.

There's a reason that Decenomy expands and takes over other projects, and we hope you see our tireless effort in this regard. We're here, we're transparent, and we work day and night (quite literally, these days!) to keep your best interests at heart.

With every change we make, the highest directive remains to do so to benefit you as a participant.

We put our trust in you as much as you put your trust in us, so we'll adapt and overcome as we always do - even in a bear market where everything else just disappeared.

After completion of all withdrawals, await the confirmation email as usual.

Thank you, sincerely!

Urs, Steve, Yegor and Dima

The YieldNodes core team on behalf of all of Decenomy


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Update #81

Poniżej najnowszy newsletter. Szykują się duże zmiany.


Todays Update due to Importance and Urgency is in 2 Languages


Dear YieldNodes Partners,

Due to the important and explanatory occasion I, Urs, am writing to you today.

Due to the current "crypto winter" and the general problematic economic situation (war in Ukraine, high inflation, high energy prices, weakness of the Euro etc.) we are forced to hedge our virtual assets with real and sustainable assets and to provide and manage them in a decentralised way. 

Therefore, with immediate effect, we will restructure YieldNodes into YieldNodes Pro to ensure hedging by real assets and to ensure that our shared values are preserved in the long term. 

The repeated blocking of exchanges like Binance and Changelly (of which are both still blocked) and the difficulties in lending our assets show us that it is time to implement the DECENOMY strategy as soon as possible and tie the value of our coins to real assets. 

The general selling pressure has a negative impact especially on the prices of assets that are only based on monetary values and we currently have hardly any chance to cash out our profits from the Master Nodes. In addition, there are constant attacks on our coins, combined with the insubstantial statement that we are a scam. All this leads to the fact that we must immediately realign our strategy in the direction of DECENOMY. 

We have shown through transparency, openness and real audits that we do a decent and good job as a team. However, we see that this is repeatedly undermined by players on the market who only want to gamble. We can only counteract this with real assets and applications that give all our partners the necessary security that they can trust DECENOMY and thus YieldNodes even in times of crisis.  

We will implement this strategy through YieldNodes Pro. As many know, this has always been our plan, we are only bringing it forward because of the current situation and are starting the immediate implementation.

We currently have enough reserves, which we are now using to activate YieldNodes Pro. In doing so, we will integrate the existing and still to be developed real assets into our DECENOMY network and make them available to our partners via YieldNodes Pro directly or pooled as an asset.

The assets to be made available are available to DECENOMY through contractual agreements with various partners who strongly believe in our strategy and fully support us in its implementation. 
These are:

- 2 hubs in Germany and Malta
- A large photovoltaic power plant in Germany (11.5 MW)
- Several photovoltaic power plants in Italy and Germany (>2 MW)
- A large photovoltaic power plant in Iran (23 MW)
- An HTC plant in Germany connected to all patents (https://htcycle.ag/en/about-us_8)
- A music publisher and streaming provider in Germany
- The Mobolith project with which we can charge electric cars without a charging network and which also compensates for the disadvantages of the very volatile power supply from the sun and wind.
- Various residential, commercial and social properties, building plots and forests where we focus on sustainable construction and management.

The value of these real assets amounts to well over 300 million euros. The return on these assets is extremely high, but also sustainable. More detailed information with locations, economic and technical data will follow.

To be able to implement this, we will convert payments made and credit balances in YieldNodes into NFTs, which give a subscription right to shares in these assets.

Until these NFTs can be traded, the contractual minimum interest rate of 5% per quarter will be ensured. After that, in a first stage, we will create a possibility for these NFTs to be traded (Q2/2023). In a second stage, based on YieldNodes Pro (Q4/2023), we will provide a portal that will allow our partners to convert the NFTs into equity investments and receive the returns from the associated assets.

We have consulted with economists and lawyers. This is the best and probably only way for all our partners to continue to benefit from assets of value and it forms the basis for realising the DECENOMY strategy. 

Some will be disappointed by us and may even hate us for it. But if you think it through, you will see that this is the best way for everyone to continue to get returns from YieldNodes and avoid losses. So this is only a pause of a few months, which is necessary for the restructuring.

We will follow up with more detailed information in the coming days.



Liebe YieldNodes Partner,

wegen des wichtigen und erklärungsbedürftigen Anlasses schreibe ich, Urs, euch heute.

Aufgrund des aktuellen "Kryptowinters" und der allgemeinen problematischen wirtschaftlichen Situation (Krieg in der Ukraine, hohe Inflation, hohe Energiepreise, Schwäche des Euro etc.) sind wir gezwungen unsere virtuellen Assets durch reale und nachhaltige Assets abzusichern und dezentral bereitzustellen und zu verwalten. Daher werden wir YieldNodes mit sofortiger Wirkung in YieldNodes Pro umstrukturieren, um eine Absicherung durch echte Vermögenswerte sicherzustellen und dafür zu sorgen, dass unsere gemeinsamen Werte langfristig erhalten bleiben. 

Die wiederholte Sperrung von Exchanges wie Binance und Changelly (welche beide immer noch gesperrt sind) und die Schwierigkeiten beim Beleihen unserer Assets zeigen uns, dass es Zeit ist die DECENOMY Strategie schnellst möglich umzusetzen und den Wert unserer Coins an echte Werte zu binden. 

Der allgemeine Verkaufsdruck hat besonders auf die Preise von Assets die nur auf Geldwerten basieren negative Auswirkungen und wir haben aktuell kaum Chancen unsere Gewinne aus den Masternodes auszucashen. Hinzu kommen ständige Angriffe auf unsere Coins, verbunden mit der substanzlosen Aussage, dass wir ein Scam wären. All dies führt dazu, dass wir unverzüglich unsere Strategie neu in Richtung DECENOMY ausrichten müssen. 

Wir haben durch Transparenz, Offenheit und reale Audits gezeigt, dass wir als Team ordentliche und gute Arbeit leisten. Wir sehen aber, dass dies immer wieder durch Player am Markt untergraben wird, die nur zocken wollen. Dem können wir nur durch real vorhandene Assets und Anwendungen entgegenwirken, die all unseren Partnern die notwendige Sicherheit geben, dass sie DECENOMY und damit YieldNodes auch in Krisenzeiten vertrauen können.  

Die Strategie werden wir durch YieldNodes Pro umsetzen. Wie viele wissen, war dies schon immer unser Plan, wir ziehen ihn nur wegen der aktuellen Situation vor und starten mit der sofortigen Umsetzung.

Wir haben aktuell genug Reserven, welche wir jetzt nutzen, um YieldNodes Pro zu aktivieren. Dabei werden wir die vorhandenen und noch fertig zu entwickelnden realen Assets in unser DECENOMY Netz einbinden und unseren Partnern über YieldNodes Pro direkt oder gepoolt als Anlage zur Verfügung stellen.

Die bereitzustellenden Assets stehen der DECENOMY durch vertragliche Vereinbarungen mit verschiedenen Partnern, welche fest an unsere Strategie glauben und uns bei deren Umsetzung vollumfänglich unterstützen, zur Verfügung. 
Es handelt sich dabei um:

- 2 Hubs in Deutschland und Malta
- Ein großes Photvoltaik-Kraftwerk in Deutschland (11,5 MW)
- Mehrere Photovoltaik-Kraftwerke in Italien und Deutschland (>2 MW)
- Ein großes Photovoltaik-Kraftwerk im Iran (23 MW)
- Eine HTC-Anlage in Deutschland verbunden mit allen Patenten (https://htcycle.ag/en/about-us_8)
- Ein Musikverlag und Streaminganbieter in Deutschland
- Das Mobolith-Projekt womit wir elektrische Autos ohne Ladenetz laden können und die auch die Nachteile der sehr volatilen Stromversorgung durch Sonne und Wind ausgleicht.
- Diverse Wohn-, Gewerbe- und Sozialimmobilien, Baugrundstücke und Wälder bei denen wir auf nachhaltiges Bauen und bewirtschaften setzen

Der Wert dieser realen Assets beläuft sich auf weit über 300 Millionen Euro. Die Rendite dieser Assets ist extrem hoch, dabei aber auch nachhaltig. Genauere Angaben mit Standorten, wirtschaftlichen und technischen Daten folgen.

Um dies umsetzen zu können werden wir geleistete Zahlungen und Guthaben in YieldNodes in NFTs umwandeln, welche ein Bezugsrecht auf Anteile dieser Assets geben.

Solange bis diese NFTs gehandelt werden können, wird die vertragliche Mindestverzinsung von 5% pro Quartal sichergestellt. Danach werden wir in einer ersten Stufe eine Möglichkeit schaffen, dass diese NFTs (Q2/2023) gehandelt werden können. In einer zweiten Stufe, auf Basis von YieldNodes Pro (Q4/2023), werden wir ein Portal bereitstellen, welches es unseren Partnern ermöglicht, die NFTs in Beteiligungen umzuwandeln und die Erträge aus den damit verbundenen Assets zu erhalten.

Wir haben uns mit Ökonomen und Anwälten beraten. Dies ist der beste und wahrscheinlich einzige Weg, damit alle unsere Partner weiterhin an werthaltigen Assets profitieren können und es bildet die Basis für Realisierung der DECENOMY Strategie. 

Einige werden von uns enttäuscht sein und uns dafür möglicherweise auch hassen. Wer es aber zu Ende denkt, wird sehen, dass das für alle der beste Weg ist, weiterhin Erträge aus YieldNodes zu erhalten und Verluste zu vermeiden. Es handelt sich also hier nur um eine Pause von wenigen Monaten, welche für die Umstrukturierung notwendig ist.

Wir werden in den nächsten Tagen weitere detaillierte Informationen folgen lassen.


I kolejny:


Dear YieldNoders,

We are currently under heavy load and can not answer all emails messages and phonecalls. This does not mean its not important to us but the sheer volume makes it impossible currently as you have questions understandably.

A Video will be published today with further news, we will send the Link as soon as its done to update further and work from there.

Please be patient as we explain in further detail how we will transition , why we had to do this and the plans.  No one is going anywhere  and we do this to rebuild everything instead of pointing at the signed agreement and just blame the market as every other company would do.

We clearly communicated the risks and you signed agreements agreeing to those. Still we dont go that route and rather bring in assets that are outside of yieldnodes to have you participate in (more details in the Video)

The Video will bring more clarity and we will also become more available over the next days as the smoke clears abit.

Please understand that we do this for you and we need your help. So please refrain from threatening Staff, or us as we work in your interest to make things right and put us back on track.

We understand its disheartening but we are here and we want to make things right.




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Update #82

Nowy newsletter z linkiem do filmu wyjaśniającego zmiany wprowadzane w programie:


Dear YieldNoders,

Here is the promised Video that will sheed some light on how we go forward and how YieldNodes Pro will work.. more data and an in depth Paper will be released later.


Weve all been involved in Scams and weve all had that feeling of betrayal that comes with it but rest ASSURED YieldNodes is not it and if you look deep down how we handled things and how we communicated over the past 3 years you KNOW and you feel that this here is different.

So let us prove it to you once more as we push forward and make things right even if this means cossting  us privately, no pay or comission and taking the hard road instead of the easy way out.

Thanks to Liam for Interviewing me and helping us get the word out and thanks to everyone who is giving us the benefit of the doubt. We will move forward and make everything right for all of you even if it takes some time .




PS: Video is still uploading and could be still processing but we wanted to get it out asap!


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Na chwilę obecną odradzam wchodzenie do programu. Jak widać z powyższego, zapowiedzieli poważną restrukturyzację. O ewentualnych zmianach będę informował na bieżąco.

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Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders,

A video Update we recorded with Liam today for the progress we made so far plus answering questions


On top :

We would like to deal with partners not noisemakers so please login to your YieldNodes account and then goto:

 My Account -> Set Discord Username 

and set your discord name

then you can join the channel at:

" Discord Invite to YieldNodes - Official Information: https://discord.gg/uNc2VpCwA9 "

This way we can address the information to verified Investors and avoid having chats with others that not even investors or just trying to degrade talk

We will keep in tight contact as restucturing commences. As always rest assured we go nowhere and work full speed! Will not let you down.





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Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders,

Here is this Weeks Video Update concerning Emergency / Claim Withdrawals, Decenomy , how we bring coins back to value, why masternoding is ongoing and much more. Please watch carefully as it will answer a lot of questions!

(youtube could still be processing please give it time in case its not loading yet)

Remember during the transitional Period to 2023 your balances will still gain  5% Quarterly Revenue until we go back to normal and have coin assets pegged to real values. So even while you wait your assets apreciate and do not depreciate.

Thanks for hanging in there as said before countless times we go nowhere and we work hard to make it a comeback for the books.




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Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders,

As promised short recap:

The Claims page is on track for November 14th, allowing you to post offers for transferring some / all of your account balance to others. The minimum asking price is 10% of the amount offered i.e. 90% discount on the amount, but you're free to set any other value - even if that includes a premium such as 150% or 300%

The MINIMUM you can sell for will scale up by 10% every 2 weeks in order to appreciate positions being offered, so patience is key as we work on building interest and demand. 

We would never suggest selling below par value, but we understand that some people may have over-comitted themselves and cannot wait for Decenomy to materialise with the full profit potential, so this is a way out for them.

The Claims page is the only way to profit from the full Decenomy/YieldNodes Pro, and the only way to enter, so even though the current mood is low, it will be growing as assets are displayed and Decenomy comes to life so now it is probably the most inopportune moment to sell.. but again.. this is your call.

In time, the Claims page will evolve into a full marketplace that will remain open indefinitely as a way to sell yourself out of (or buy yourself into) Decenomy and YieldNodes Pro, and as we grow, the asset base coming in will become one of the ways to monetize the project!

Now we would like to ask 2 things: 

Interviews and marketing: I'm actively aiming to explain the concept to the widest audiences reachable, so if you have a YouTube channel, a plattform, or any other form of visibility then please reach out to me via Skype:Steve25m so we can fix an appointment to discuss the project and can give it more exposure so we can get you even better prices because in all honesty going in for YieldNodes Pro we expect it to be more than very rewarding to say the least.. and for people who leave we wanna do our best to create a buyers market.

So reach out and we fix a time date and Video interview !

Assets: Bringing assets into Decenomy will give you transparency, earnings, and appreciate the coins as well. They'll be still yours ) (No change of ownership!), but they'll work in a borderless economic zone and have significant benefits over regularly used assets think regular income as before but also benefits including:

- Interest on the value of the asset
-Rewards for ecological and social behaviour
- Simplified crowd financing
- Marketing for products and services trough an active community
- Market power trough community support!

For instance, I (Steve) plan to bring in a rental network valued at roughly 6 million Euros. Uwe is planning to bring in his network of energy projects and companies  valued at 200-300 million Euros, Urs is bringing in real estate, a music license rental business and a car dealership. We have enquries from a gold project (a bullion storage business in Liechtenstein) which will allow bullion purchases via coins as well for value storage, and a real estate asset manager with 150 million Euros of real estate immobilia has also already inquired. 

Our approach is to counter DEFI by bridging the gap to real assets generating real value operating on the DECENOMY Coins strenghtening the network and coin values so it goes beyong what you believe coins are worth with actual VALUE of underlying assets so its no more in the hands of gamblers and quick profiteurs selling or buying against principles.

As you can see, interest is growing, and we need to know if you plan to join the fun, help appreciate your own investment, and make money on top in a transparent economy.This is tentative only we go more in depth later but for now if you have interest in participating in the Economy of the future.. reach out!

If you're interested in bringing assets to the project and helping the Borderless Economic Zone to grow then please either email us ([email protected]) or reach out via Skype (Steve25m) or WhatsApp (+35699957217)

Please detail the aproximate Value of the asset and explain it as well such as Rental, Restaurant, goods producing etc.. the more the merrier! 

We're currently just gauging interest so that when we launch in Q4 2023, we have beefy support that will raise up the coins and ensure that your shares rise in price quite dramatically! Just imagine what we could do and build with zour support

Thank you for your continued patience. We're getting a lot of support now, so the tide is turning because people start to see that Yieldnodes is here to stay and work on to bring the vision to live and take everyone whos willing to wait with it....after all, remember that we are all in this together and over 50000 People strong. Let's bind together and turn this into a huge sucess story with incredible gain potential on the horizon! Lets make it happen.



You find the latest Version of the Litepaper here (Work in Progress)

Joining YieldNodes Facebook Community Group:

YieldNodes Official Discord Server to hear straight from Urs the creator of Decenomy
(many many questions answered!)


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Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders,

The Claims Page will come online tomorrow under the following Url:

(Explanation where YieldNodes and Decenomy is headed, Proof of assets coming into the system, Decenomy launch, and much more!)

Probably towards the end of the day as more testing will be happening.

But you will also be able to log in to your YieldNodes Account on the regular Login and In the Menu, Click the New Option "YN Claims" to buy and sell!


Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and will get better as we work and proceed with Decenomy!

Best wishes to all of you. Also, here is the latest video Update on where we stand, courtesy of Liam Dyson.


Liam also plans a Video Tutorial on how to do it, and we will share it once it is live.

Remember the YN Claims Menupoint will be available only from tomorrow evening onwards, and the buy and sell stays active until the values are fixed for the NFT that, in turn then, will secure you your piece of the Pie with Decenomy when we launch the end of 2023 to appreciate our coins looking to a potential massive Payday for everyone. So there is no need to hurry, explore and make a decision that fits your needs.

So only be eager if you overcommitted severely, but our honest recommendation is to stay and enjoy the fruits once everything is back on track. Ultimatly it is your decision!

Hang in there, please; we will turn this around together, and thank you for your support and belief!




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Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders,

finally the Claims Page is within the promised time now available at: https://claim-sales.yieldnodes.com/
We have already processed over 120 transfers of ownership and due to the many requests I got - many more to come.

Remember, the page will stay open until we release the NFTs. Means, expected about HALF a year open market, so don't be hasty in selling.
I personally deeply believe as we work on it and secure over 1 billion of tentative assets as outlined on site for the launch of DECENOMY, people will start realizing YieldNodes is a very outstanding investment again.
Imagine how this will strengthen our community, when going together through the harshest of times! A community with more than 15 blockchains, an own regulated exchange, highly skilled support and a government behind us. 
The odds could be worse :). Please be patient as we fix some issues on the claims site. 
Especially please do not use Binance to Binance transfers, as these transaction-ids can not be read. It will furthermore slow down processing. 

Last but not least, you will find Liam Dyson´s “Tutorial & Overview” on YouTube: https://youtu.be/q-BIJHLf5uoIf.
If you would like to assist us in translating into other languages and publish it - we gladly share.

Sincerely and with gratitude

As said, please be patient with us as we restructure many things and fix issues.
It takes some time, but I'm more confidently than ever before to become a force to be recognized in the year 2023.
I'm really humbled by the support we are getting and very proud to be part of it. Also honored to be allowed to set things right and I recommit my pledge to sit this through - with all of you together.


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Nowy newsletter:


Dear YieldNoders,

Here comes the latest news for you:

1. Video Update with Liam with answered questions from the community.

Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/dZkQ4tC2w4Q


2. Within the next weeks DECENOMY is opening the assets page.
Apart from showing the current number of committed assets, there will be an official form for future Asset providers to commit their assets – and sign a Letter of Intent (LOI).
Securing these assets and partnerships will be my main part during the upcoming year - to get the ball rolling until we have the very detailed terms and Tokenomics. This will ultimately strengthen all of our coins as well!


3. We still do not recommend selling your shares – although it is your personal choice.
The minimum sell bottom price of your shares will increase from 10% to 20% next week, as scheduled. It will increase stepwise by 10% every 2 weeks until it reaches 75%.

If you want to help someone out and get some good deal to be bought up here, please think twice if you really have risk capital!



4. We are on the right track. We committed ourselves to all our powers. We increase transparency.
More news can be expected also the next weeks. Our team will be extended. We are seeking new highly skilled colleagues by opening a job listings page. There may even be someone from the community there – we appreciate every engagement!


5. As always, I am happily open for interviews and updates. D reach out to me if you want to have a call!

Skype Id: Steve25m


Thank you for all your support and for standing behind us.
With lots of gratitude.





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